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Our web team is always on the lookout for new ways to keep our member’s sites competitive. Gain insights on popular topics such as User Interface (UI) Design, SEO best practices, and more.

Web Development Articles - SharedTEAMS
wordpress website security for beginners
WordPress is a popular website platform for many businesses, but it can be vulnerable to hackers unless steps are taken Read more
wordpress menu
WordPress makes editing the pages and content on your website extremely easy to do, but what about editing the menu Read more
Tips for Designing an Effective Navigation System for Your Website - SharedTEAMS
When it comes to building an effective website, few things matter more than having a usable and well-designed navigation menu. Read more
When it comes to your website, data loss due to a site issue is never a good thing, but having Read more
What are the Best Security Plugins for WordPress? - SharedTEAMS
WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to allow you flexibility and control over your website. With a whole Read more
wordpress website
You might be asking yourself why you need to worry about keeping your WordPress website secure. This is a massive Read more
UX Design and UI Design. What’s the Difference? - SharedTEAMS
UX design and UI design are big topics of conversation in web development these days. Interestingly, these terms are often Read more
Tackling Email Design: Common Types and Features - SharedTEAMS
We often hear the question: “Is email marketing still relevant?” And our response is always a resounding “YES!” In fact, Read more
Tips For Keeping Your Website Optimized - SharedTEAMS
Having a website that is well-optimized is essential for success online. Optimizing your website can seem daunting, but it doesn't Read more
3 Major Principles to Keep In Mind For On-Page SEO - SharedTEAMS
What do you think about On-Page SEO? In a world full of constant innovation, many industries have realized the necessity Read more
404 error graphic
Ideally, your site will never return an error. If you’re updating all of your page links regularly and creating redirects Read more
small business ux
It wasn’t so long ago that advertising was just a tool to get customers into the door. Once they stepped Read more
mobile ready website
Have you crossed all your "website must-haves" off your startup's checklist? Is it user-friendly, with engaging content and links to Read more

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