On-Demand Team Access

Our membership platform provides you with direct access 24/7 to collaborate with your marketing team.

  • Assign new projects
  • Review active projects
  • Collaborate on strategy
  • Review performance reports
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Around Your Schedule

Check on your projects when you have the time. Our team will keep projects moving in your absence or we will wait for your feedback- whichever you prefer.

When you send a message or assign a new project, you can expect our team to respond with a helpful response and a typical response time of less than one business day.

Designed For Modern Businesses

Part of what makes our flexible membership structure possible is our commitment to efficient collaboration, which is facilitated by our online membership platform.

Video collaboration

When you want to provide detailed feedback, send our team a video using our in-platform video recorder. These videos allow you to provide feedback quickly and on your schedule, which saves you time.

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Transparent Reporting

As a member, you will monitor your projects and communicate with our team in our platform. With all of your marketing projects in one place, it’s easy to manage your marketing program.

Choose Your Membership

We serve modern businesses in various capacities. Choose the package that best suits your needs. If your needs change, let us know and we’ll change your membership package.

Pay by the Project Hour

Each package states how many project hours it includes within the package cost. Need additional project work? Pay by the hour.


If you need our team to work on something specific, even if it’s outside of our usual project types, assign it to our team and we’ll get started.

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Strategic Guidance

If you don’t know where to begin or go to next, our team will recommend projects based on your unique business needs.


We only work on projects that you approve. You will be able to clearly identify projects that are “active” and projects that are “recommended.”

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Approve Project Hours

Each project has associated project hours AKA the estimated time it will take for our team to complete the project. You approve projects and project hours before our team starts working.


Monitor project hours in real-time so you know what to expect on next month’s bill. You are billed once per month for project hours already clocked. No surprises.

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Our membership packages are month-to-month with no contract or hidden fees. You can choose to leave your membership at any time.

Do you have a specific project in mind?

Estimate your total project costs by viewing details and estimates associated with our most common projects.

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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Our team takes pride in the transparency and flexibility that is provided through our membership. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that new members ask at the beginning of the relationship.

Projects & Strategy

Does your team guide our marketing strategy?

Our Strategy Team is Available By Request to Help Guide Your Marketing Program.

As a member, you receive unlimited strategic guidance from our Strategy Team to help guide the direction of your marketing program. Click here to view details about strategic guidance. 

Click here to review marketing strategies associated with common small business categories. These strategies are a culmination of our team’s experience guiding marketing programs for small businesses since 2010. 

How do I assign new marketing projects?

Our membership platform provides direct access to assign new projects and check the status of projects 24/7.

Our members have direct access to assign new projects to our team anytime by simply logging into the membership platform and creating a new project. When projects are created, our team will review the project and provide you with an estimate within 1 business day.

All estimates include the costs and timeline associated with the project before getting your approval to move forward. 

What Types of Projects Can I Assign?

Our team can execute any project that is commonly categorized as a marketing effort

Most of our members utilize our team for a combination of our most common marketing projects and custom projects that are unique to their business.

Our team is skilled at handling highly custom marketing projects and campaigns that align with strategies that are uniquely tailored to our member’s businesses.  

What marketing projects are best for my business?

Our strategy team is here to help whenever you need guidance. We’re happy to review your goals and identify the best next steps for your program. 

Our members often come to us without a clear direction for their marketing program. We provide our members with strategic guidance at no additional cost to help ensure that they are making smart and informed marketing decisions. 

If you are unsure which marketing projects will work best for your business, simply send us a strategic guidance request. This will give you program-level guidance on the best way to get your marketing program going in the right direction.

How does the team keep my marketing projects organized?

Just like an in-house marketing department, we manage projects from start to finish.

All that you have to do is assign projects to our team and our team will coordinate everything necessary to execute the project. 

The coordination of project activity occurs behind the scenes, so you never have to worry about managing deadlines or team workload. While our team works, you will be able to log in to the platform anytime to view the status of projects and collaborate with our team.

Team & Approach

Who will be working on my projects?

To ensure high work quality, Projects are assigned to the members of our team who are specialized in the specific assignment. 

Once projects are assigned, our operations team scopes each project individually to identify the most appropriate team to handle the request. This process ensures that projects are executed by the most specialized members of our team. 
For example, our design team is comprised of graphic designers, branding designers, UX designers, and illustrators. These roles are specialized for specific design tasks.

Many projects also involve multiple members of our team collaborating toward a single goal, so you can expect to interact with multiple members of our team throughout the course of any project – especially in instances where multiple specializations are necessary.

Click here to learn about some of the key members of our team.

How do the Teams Understand My Business?

We collaborate with you to establish a deep understanding of your business prior to beginning work.

At the beginning of your membership, our team will collaborate with you to create a profile for your business. This profile serves as a living reference for our team and covers your offerings, positioning, market, audience, branding, and other unique details associated with your business.

Where Can I View Samples and Case Studies?

You can view the details associated with over 30 projects and 7 full-scale strategies to get an understanding of our team’s approach and quality. 

Our project details pages provide examples and processes associated with some of our most common projects. These pages not only include details about our team’s processes but also cost estimates and timelines associated with these projects. This will give you a better understanding of our team’s approach within individual projects.

The industry strategy section of our website was written based on our team’s first-hand experience working with businesses in each of the respective industries. These strategy pages go in-depth regarding our approach by using examples of our team’s work.

Since every business is different, the messaging and visual style of each company is tailored to the respective market and audience. Because of this, work samples are often not an effective representation of how our team would work supporting your business. 

How much of my own time should I plan to dedicate?

We are built to be an effective, hands-off solution for our members. But, your engagement level is entirely up to you. 

By fully documenting our members’ businesses and goals upfront in the member profile, we are able to execute projects without day-to-day member input when projects are assigned to our team.

The level of engagement is entirely up to you. Some members prefer to review everything while others take a hands-off approach. Most members spend just a couple of hours per month reviewing projects and collaborating with our team.

Collaboration & Transparency

How do I Collaborate Within Projects?

Our teams use custom technology to create a powerful, collaborative environment with our Members.

Our online membership platform provides you with direct access for collaboration with our team, which includes assigning projects, viewing project details in real-time, and working directly with our team. Click here to see how our members collaborate with our team.

You will primarily collaborate with our team via text-based updates in our online membership platform, but you can also collaborate using video. Our in-platform video recorder only records your voice and your screen – never your camera – so you can provide feedback anytime with no dress code. Learn more about video collaboration at this link.

This asynchronous communication structure is designed for busy individuals that value transparency and efficiency, and are comfortable collaborating without relying on face-to-face or phone meetings. 

We are also happy to schedule real-time collaboration sessions via phone and screen share when requested. 

Can I Call the Team via Phone Anytime?

Phone meetings can be scheduled within our membership platform.

Our membership platform uses a sophisticated collaboration method that includes forum-style communication along with recorded video communication. 

This keeps our entire team in the loop on project progress and discussions, giving us the ability to bring specialists in and out of projects as needed to provide specialized guidance. You will also find the full historical record of project activity and collaboration helpful as your membership progresses.

We also understand that some projects require more real-time collaboration. In these cases, we provide the ability to schedule collaboration meetings with our team using phone and screen share. 

How Do I Track Hours and Set Expectations?

All work is approved upfront by you and you have real-time, 24/7 access to monitor our team’s progress and collaborate with our team.

All projects are scoped individually with estimates and timelines prior to beginning any work, so there are never any surprises.

The membership platform also provides a real-time view into the activity of our team as we work, along with frequent updates on projects and the ability to collaborate directly with the members of our team who are executing projects.

Who are the SharedTEAMS Team Members?

Our teams are comprised of US-based marketing specialists with at least 5 years of experience in their respective disciplines.

Over 95% of all work is executed in-house by employees and all work is directly overseen by team managers who have 10+ years of experience. Unlike most agencies,  only 5% of our work is executed by contractors and in those cases only for technical support behind the scenes.

We hand-select every member of our team and conduct thorough training before they begin any member project work. And just like our members, our team is geographically diverse with team members spread all across the United States. 

Do I Own The Work and Source Files?

All work and related files are owned by you and included in your membership.

While many agencies withhold source files associated with project work or ownership of the website, our members will always own all of the work produced by our team, including source files, websites, and any related documents.

The practice of agencies withholding source files or maintaining ownership over their client’s websites is simply a method of creating barriers to prevent them from transitioning away from their service. We believe that this practice is ethically unsound and is a disservice to the small businesses that engage with those agencies.

How Do I Create an Account?

When you sign up for any membership package, you also create your new account.

During the signup process, you will have the opportunity to provide your email address and unique account password.

How Do I Reset My Password?

Click “View My Member Profile” and then “Account Details.”

Then click “Reset Your Password.” You will receive a password reset link to the email address on file.

Can I Have More Than One Brand Account?

Yes. You can add an additional brand for $95 per month.

There is no limit to how many brands you add. Create another brand account at this link.

How Do I Switch Brand Accounts?

When viewing your Member Profile, you can also switch brand accounts.

Switch which brand account you’re viewing following this process.

How Do I Share Access to my Brand Account?

You can add another user to your account and set the permissions you want for that user.

To add another user to your account, follow these steps.

Terms & Billing

How are Membership Fees and Additional Hours Billed?

All current MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Come With Unlimited Strategic Guidance. Additional Project Work is Billed at an hourly rate.

Membership fees and additional project hours are processed on the first day of each month via credit or debit card payment.

All project hours are approved upfront and you have access to view project hours reports in real-time, keeping you in the loop on project activity as it happens. 

The initial month of the membership is billed in full with a pro-rated credit applied to the next month’s invoice for any unused hours from the initial month. Credits are not applied for subsequent month’s unused hours. 

How does the project hours ceiling work?

The project hours ceiling is the maximum number of monthly hours that can be used before the hourly rates increase by 10%.

We never restrict our members from access to our team or limit the number of hours that they can assign our team. Our members can easily scale their programs up and down as needed. 

However, we do apply a 10% overage fee to any hours that are beyond the project hours ceiling that is defined in the membership package. Hours in excess of the ceiling are billed 10% higher at $82.50 rather than $75.

This can be avoided by switching to a membership package that has a higher project hours ceiling. We use this approach to encourage our members to maintain a membership level that is appropriate for their project volume, which in turn helps us keep our operations costs down. 

Is There a Minimum Membership Term?

Any of our members can cancel membership anytime, for any reason, and without penalty. 

We understand that small businesses often need to shift gears quickly, so we believe that it is important to give our members the option to cancel their SharedTEAMS membership anytime without penalty.

It is also important for our team to have stable relationships with our members. To discourage members from frequently stopping and starting their membership, if you cancel membership you must wait at least six months to restart.

How Does the Money Back Guarantee Work?


Our 14-day money-back guarantee gives our members the ability to collaborate with our strategy team for strategic guidance to guide their marketing program and to have estimates developed for projects. Once projects that are outside of the scope of strategic guidance are assigned or approved, those project hours are not covered by the money-back guarantee.

This gives our members the ability to have individual projects estimated and to define the best next steps for their marketing program without any risk, while also giving them a first-hand experience collaborating with our team and experiencing our platform. 

What are Costs for Specific Projects?

Project costs and timelines are all in your control and all work is approved upfront through an estimate process. 

Click here to view estimates and timelines associated with commonly assigned projects.

When you assign a new project to our team, you will have the opportunity to include the due date along with the number of hours approved for the project. Before beginning work, our team will collaborate with you to ensure that the allocated hours and timeline are appropriate for the project scope. 

All project work is approved upfront so that there are never any billing surprises.

Are Stock Images or Video an Additional Fee?

There is no additional fee associated with stock Images or Videos that are used within projects 

Our team provides image and video assets (including licenses) as part of the project execution.

These assets are selected from a variety of internal resources (over 55 million assets) that our team can choose from to select the right creative images and video to support your marketing program. 

Are There Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, We Provide a 5% Discount For All Registered Non-Profit Organizations. 

Our team values the work of the non-profit sector and takes special pride in helping support those who dedicate their time to the causes that they believe in. A 5% discount is automatically applied to all invoices for registered non-profit organizations.

To redeem this discount, please sign up for membership and mention your NPO status during your new member orientation call. Once confirmed, a 5% credit will be applied to your initial membership fee and all subsequent invoices. 

Is There a White Label Program for Agencies?

Yes, our team supports marketing consultants and agencies through our partner program. 

You may view details associated with our partner program for marketing consultants and agencies at this link.

Assign Projects To Your New Team Today!

Our team works as a fluid extension of each of our member’s businesses by developing strategies and executing projects in whatever capacity is best for their unique needs.