Strategic Marketing
Guidance On-Demand

We provide marketing guidance to help ensure that our members are making informed marketing decisions.

On-Demand Marketing Guidance

Helping Guide Your Marketing Program When You Need Proven Recommendations

Strategic Marketing Guidance - SharedTEAMS

Your Marketing Goals

We customize a marketing plan to meet your unique goals. We only recommend proven marketing methods that align with your goals, business, and industry.

Using proven marketing methods – not just unproven trends – increases the ROI of your marketing program.

Get Help Staying

When you delegate a marketing task to us, it is saved in our membership platform, which is like placing your marketing program organization on autopilot.

Checking in on all of your marketing tasks in one place saves you time (and a major headache). 

Strategic Marketing Guidance - SharedTEAMS
Strategic Marketing Guidance - SharedTEAMS

Get Support to Solve
Your Marketing Challenges

We use our extensive experience and expertise to solve your existing marketing challenges, getting your marketing program back on track.

Getting outside support to troubleshoot the marketing challenges you’re facing can save you time and money.

Confidently Move Forward
With a Second Opinion

We provide objective second opinions to your in-house marketing team to help you make sound decisions on the direction of your marketing program.

Getting a second opinion can help you avoid making costly marketing mistakes.

Strategic Marketing Guidance - SharedTEAMS
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Trial Membership For $95

All of our membership options are month-to-month with no penalty to cancel. We even provide a 14-day money-back guarantee for new members who wish to trial our membership with our $95 On-Demand membership.


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