One Membership Package

Flexible. Affordable. Impactful.

$250 Monthly Membership Details

3 Project Hours

Access our complete marketing team on-demand for whatever projects or guidance your business requires.

Included: 3 Hours of Project Time
Additional Time: $55/hr

Strategic Assessments

Receive monthly strategic program assessments that keep your marketing campaigns moving in the right direction.

Monthly Strategic Recommendations
Dedicated Marketing Strategist

Marketing Reports

Marketing should be about business impact. We provide the tools necessary to track performance with a focus on ROI.

  • ROI-Focused Reporting Structure
  • Multi-Channel Performance Metrics

Track Marketing Metrics
Determine Impact and ROI


Our mission is to provide small businesses and startups with access to experienced marketing talent. Our model provides experienced strategic guidance, on-demand projects, and monthly performance reporting, all using a uniquely flexible and outrageously affordable structure.We customized our process with the needs of small businesses and startups in mind. Our online software keeps you connected to our team in real time for project updates and campaign metrics. Your business is connected to your personal marketing department 24/7.


We understand that small business priorities can change at a moment’s notice. So we designed our service in an on-demand structure, allowing members to scale their marketing programs up or down seamlessly and without penalty.


While traditional marketing agencies assign an account manager to act as a liaison between you and the team working on your marketing programs, we take a different approach. Our custom systems provide you with direct access to the team working for your business.


Traditional agencies thrive on closing big deals, which means custom proposals, meeting cycles, and account managers. We cut the fat and designed a low-cost $250 monthly structure, eliminating the traditional sales process to keep our rates at half the agency standard.


Simple and Direct.

Forget lengthy contracts and long-term commitments.

  • $250 Monthly Membership Fee
  • Cancel or Pause Anytime
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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“SharedTEAMS membership is a tremendous value! We now have a full-time marketing team for far less than what we would’ve paid one employee.”

Elsa MacDonald, CTAI


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Supporting Small Businesses Across all 50 States.

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