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Project Estimates

This page contains details associated with our most common projects along with typical hours and timelines to plan your marketing budget.

As a member, you can also request estimates for custom marketing projects before beginning work.

Membership Packages

Our membership packages include a set number of project hours each month to use to execute whatever projects you assign to our team.


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Social Media Management

Typical Hours: 6 -10 monthly

Most of our Social Media projects play an important supporting role to help convey reputability among a newly engaged audience that just became aware of your brand through advertising.

Social media pages help increase your advertising conversion rates because social media posts help alleviate concerns and answer questions by showing how a product or service works, or showcasing its quality. Ads combined with informational posts equal higher ad conversions because your customer has fewer questions and concerns when they click on your business’s ad.

The focus of this program is to maintain activity across channels as a means to increase your conversion rates on lead generation programs and to serve as a vehicle for brand messaging and prospect engagement. Recent updates on social media pages inform prospects that your business is active and willing to communicate with them.

Media Outreach

Typical Hours: 4 – 6 monthly

The Media Outreach project is a recurring effort to establish relationships with relevant media connections as a means to increase brand awareness, produce conversions, and increase the company’s SEO profile.

With a documented outreach strategy, your marketing programs are scheduled in advance to complement one another, your product or service changes, and your marketing goals.

Media relations is an important part of a well-rounded marketing program because of two things:

  1. It helps you reach new segments of your target audience.
  2. It helps you run complementary campaigns online and offline.

The Media Outreach project is designed to reach out to various media outlets, potential partners, and more on an ongoing, consistent basis to help increase brand awareness and build relationships with media outlets and personnel, which will help build your brand’s reputation over time.

Media Outreach is unique in that not only do we reach out to media outlets for your brand’s goals, but we also anticipate potential media relationships and work on building relationships with them, helping them with what they need so they are encouraged to help your brand later.

Social Media Influencer

Typical Hours: 4 – 6 monthly

Partnering with influencers – specifically on blogs, Instagram, and YouTube – can help you target ideal customers and earn their trust.

Influencers help drive website traffic while increasing brand awareness and credibility. This is typically a less expensive version of advertising that often has a higher ROI because it is seen as organic content by consumers.

By targeting influencers that already serve your target audience, you are not only increasing your brand awareness, but you’re also helping the influencer serve their audience by sharing another brand they can recommend to their established audience.

Most of our Social Media Influencer projects work with micro-influencers. These influencers have smaller followings than celebrity influencers, but they serve a more specific niche and often have a devoted following.


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Blog Articles Writing

Typical Hours: 6 – 9 monthly

Most of our Blog Articles projects are designed to reinforce your business’s brand message in a way that informs or entertains your prospects and customers. Blog articles educate your audience, helping you gain their trust.

Blog articles combined with on-page SEO, which is built into this project, help drive more quality visitors to your website because of the value in each article.

This project can also increase the conversion rate of your advertising campaigns.


Typical Hours: 4 – 6 monthly

According to Campaign Monitor, “Email marketing drives $44 for every $1 spent.” How? A well-formulated, consistent email newsletter generates and nurtures leads for your business.

Over time, many of those leads turn into conversions, leading to more sales and happier customers. A newsletter program increases prospect and customer engagement, and establishes brand loyalty with your customers.

The focus of this program is to maintain consistent communication with your prospects and customers to help build trust and brand awareness. Doing so helps remind your subscribers about your brand and products or services on a regular basis, keeping you top-of-mind when they’re ready to purchase.

It also gives you the ability to offer your subscribers special insight into your expertise, which provides you credibility in your industry before they purchase.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Typical Hours: 6 – 8

Knowing your competitive positioning helps further develop your brand messaging because you know how to speak to your prospective customers across all channels, creating a cohesive experience for both your prospects and customers.

The Brand Positioning and Messaging project combines brand positioning and brand messaging to develop a unique strategic approach to communicate with your audience through your messaging while simultaneously using the knowledge of your positioning.

Sequenced Email Campaign

Typical Hours: 17 – 23

According to Venture Beat, “Automated emails drive conversion rates 180% higher than batch emails.” This is why Sequenced Email Campaign projects are one of the best ways to target specific sections of your audience while building a foundation of trust and knowledge with subscribers.

Whether you want to walk your new subscribers through the first few steps of the customer journey, driving them to one specific conversion; recapture the interest of previous customers; target subscribers who constantly engage with your emails; or re-engage inactive subscribers before purging your list, a Sequenced Email Campaign can help boost your conversions.

Depending on your goal for the campaign, your Sequenced Email Campaign can be any of the following:

  • Onboarding Sequence
  • Welcome Sequence
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery Sequence
  • Renewal Sequence
  • Event Sequence

Or it can be a different type of sequence entirely as long as all of the emails are related and focus on one purpose. Sequences can be either time-based (sent at specific time intervals) or trigger-based (based on a user’s interaction with the emails). Trigger-based sequences are sometimes called Drip Sequences.

Regardless of the type and goal of your campaign, all of them are automated, meaning once they’re created, they send automatically according to the rules set for them, and they can be turned on and off at any time.

Website Content

Typical Hours: 2 – 3

Website content is the foundation of every website. Before a beautiful website design and intuitive navigation can be built, the content needs to be in place.

A Website Content project develops the necessary content for all base website pages, from the Home page to the Product or Services page, and from the About Us page to the Contact page.

This project involves the complete ground-up build-out of the company website with a focus on establishing an effective foundation for marketing campaigns and communications programs. The content on a website helps establish the website as an effective marketing vehicle.

Collateral Package Content

Typical Hours: 6 – 8

A collateral package is vital for many businesses, especially brick-and-mortar businesses where employees work directly with clients and online businesses where employees attend events where collateral is needed to network.

The collateral of your brand is often the first impression of your business’s products or services.

A well-designed solution can significantly enhance the perceived value of your offering and increase your brand awareness. Each piece of collateral plays an important role and is a part of a bigger picture.

Collateral package content, specifically, conveys the important details of your business to your prospects and potential collaborators alike. It informs the reader in a quick, easy-to-read fashion.

A Collateral Package Content project gives the brochure, business cards, and flyer a unified message for your brand. Plus, it informs the recipient what action they can take, how to take it, and how to contact you for more information.

PDF Content

Typical Hours: 8 – 12 

PDFs are important assets in marketing. They can be utilized as a white paper, ebook, case study, cheat sheet, infographic, or another informative piece of content. PDFs are often used as lead magnets, but can also be catalogs, offering memoranda, printable menus, and more. Regardless of its purpose, a PDF can help your business establish expertise in your industry, educate customers, entertain prospects and customers, offer more details to help prospects choose what products or services to buy, and more.

PDF content, specifically, is equally as important as its design. This content is valuable to your audience, which means they will want to download and read it, even if they need to provide contact information in return. This content not only informs your audience, but it also shows your business’s expertise and that you have the answers to their questions, often helping them through the customer journey.

Direct Mail Campaign Content

Typical Hours: 5 – 7

Target your local audience to promote product or service launches, business or location openings, sales and promotions, and more with a Direct Mail Campaign. The campaigns are available in any shape, size, and format.

Direct Mail Campaigns can be created in two ways:

  1. Using the delivery routes of the United States Postal Service (USPS), we can send an oversized postcard or flyer to everyone on specific routes in your local area. No addresses are needed for this effort and routes are determined by demographics.
  2. Using a list of addresses you own, we can create any type of mailing, from postcards to letters and more.

Direct Mail Campaign Content, specifically, is equally as important as its design. This content not only informs your audience about your promotions, but it also shows your business’s values, expertise, and professionalism.


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Website Optimization

Typical Hours: 25 – 35

The Website Optimization project is focused on making adjustments to your existing website so that it can function as a foundation for marketing campaigns and communications programs.

Our focus areas are the implementation of a strong marketing funnel for your different target audiences, professional content development, SEO, and a strong foundational design centered around optimal user experience.

Full Website Design

Typical Hours: 35 – 45

The Website Design project involves the complete ground-up build-out of the company website with a focus on establishing an effective foundation for marketing campaigns and communications programs.

The project is intended to provide you with a website that is optimized for on-page SEO and can be used as an effective marketing vehicle for your business.

Our focus areas are the implementation of a strong marketing funnel for your different target audiences, professional content development, and a strong foundational design centered around optimal user experience.

Landing Page Design

Typical Hours: 4 – 6

Landing pages are used as an entry point to your website for PPC and other digital advertising campaigns that target specific traffic.

We typically build landing pages to cater to specific industries that you serve, or to target audiences that might be interested in specific services, products, or events.

A landing page is an integral step in the customer journey, allowing you to speak directly and personally to targeted traffic, building trust with those audiences, and then guiding them through the process to a conversion or generating a lead.

Because landing pages are targeted to specific audiences, they open up many opportunities to connect with those audiences through all aspects of your marketing programs.

Directory Listings

Typical Hours: 2 – 3

With the increase in the use of mobile devices to find the services that we need quickly and easily, it is increasingly important to keep your business details up to date with all of the different online directories.

We all know that we need to keep our information updated on Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook Business, but did you know that there are over 80 online business directories potential customers are using to find your store, your website, and to access your services?

Keeping up with all of them can cost you many hours, but this can be the determining factor between you and your competition getting the customer.

Our Directory Listings project is a quick and easy way to update all of your listings at once and to keep them up to date, without any effort on your part.

Website Maintenance

Typical Hours: 1 – 2 monthly

The monthly Website Maintenance project is intended to keep your website healthy, free of malware, and performing optimally.

Malware and other site issues, left unchecked, can cause problems with site functionality and downtime, which can result in loss of business. These issues can be easily avoided in most cases by ensuring that all site software is up to date and that any malware issues are addressed before they get out of hand.

This project is also used to check your site for broken links, proper analytics tracking, site speed and more on a monthly basis.

Online Reputation Management

Typical Hours: 3 – 5 monthly

Our Online Reputation project is designed to grow your business with a positive brand reputation online.

To do this, we request reviews from your previous and current customers through an automated system. From there, we showcase positive reviews online and mitigate negative reviews by pushing them offline.

We also interpret your brand sentiment on a recurring basis to ensure your brand reputation is improving over time.

By building a positive brand reputation online, prospective customers searching for your products or services, and those targeted through advertising efforts, are presented with your brand’s best reviews.

Since most consumers use customer reviews when deciding on where to purchase a product or service, having a positive online reputation is critical to encouraging prospects to turn into leads and, eventually, convert into customers.

Website Tracking

Typical Hours: 1 – 2 monthly

In order to determine the effectiveness of your various website marketing projects, it is important to set up website tracking. This helps to determine whether or not the existing marketing efforts need to be adjusted in order to produce better results or reduce costs.

We use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console as our primary tracking and analysis tools. We will set up connections between your various marketing channels to determine if there is a weakness in any part of the online customer journey.

We then report back with analysis reports and to make recommendations for better performance throughout your various marketing programs, and to improve your overall website marketing funnel.



Search Advertising

Typical Hours: 4 – 8 monthly

The Search Advertising project is designed to drive traffic to your company’s website using a mixture of search and display advertising methods.

For the search advertising half, we coordinate a Google Ads campaign structure that uses commonly searched terms related to your business offerings and develops campaigns targeting those specific search terms in the target geographic area. Display advertising is used to increase brand awareness and engage previous site visitors through remarketing efforts.

If search advertising is a new program for your business, we recommend starting your first advertising campaign with an initial budget of $250 per month. As programs progress, other search advertising strategies will be considered.

Please note that the budget for your advertising campaigns is in addition to the project work.

Social Advertising

Typical Hours: 4 – 8 monthly

The Social Advertising project is designed to assist in reaching marketing goals through a campaign structure that uses commonly searched terms or interests related to the business offering.

Our team develops campaigns targeting these specific terms for a defined demographic in the target geographic area. Ads include text and visual components (photo or video) to capture the audience’s attention and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Social Advertising uses one or multiple social media avenues to reach the desired audience. Common social platforms to advertise on include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Within these platforms, there are many advertising types, including boosted posts, carousel ads, slideshow ads, Messenger ads, and more. Our team can recommend the best platform(s) to advertise on and types to utilize based on your audience, advertising goals, and offerings.

If social advertising is a new program for your business, we recommend starting your first advertising campaign with an initial budget of $250 per month.

As programs progress, other social advertising strategies will be considered. Please note that the budget for your advertising campaigns is in addition to the project work.

Amazon Advertising

Typical Hours: 4 – 8 monthly

Selling on Amazon is a great avenue to help increase product sales and revenue while also increasing brand awareness.

The Amazon Advertising project is designed to engage the audience that is searching for your product or similar products. These campaigns are customized to reach high-intent shoppers who are actively searching for the products that you offer.

Amazon Advertising offers multiple advertising options, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores. This project includes the opportunity to utilize all of these options as is appropriate for your products and goals.

If Amazon Advertising is a new program for your business, know that an Amazon Seller account offers two selling plans: Individual and Professional. Our team can help you choose the right account for your business and assist with the setup.

Once your Amazon Seller account is created, our team will configure campaigns and launch your Amazon Advertising campaigns with an initial budget of $250 per month. As programs progress, and a predictable advertising cost of sale (ACoS) is established, our team will help you increase your budget to scale your program accordingly.

Over the course of our team’s work on your Amazon Seller account, you will maintain ownership of the account and all billing for advertising will be processed directly through Amazon Seller. Our team will simply have access to your account to manage the campaigns.

Chatbot Setup

Typical Hours: 8 – 14

Most of our Chatbot Setup projects help our members provide additional customer service to their prospects in an automated fashion.

Consumers and businesses alike enjoy using chatbots because they can help customers find the answers they seek in less time without needing to wait for a customer service representative.

The live chatbot will primarily help website visitors navigate your website and take the actions you want them to take, such as completing a purchase or booking a consultation.



Collateral Package Design

Typical Hours: 8 – 12

Your brand’s Collateral Package is often the first impression your prospects and customers have of your products or services. A well-designed solution can significantly enhance the perceived value of your offerings and increase your brand awareness.

Visual elements are strategically chosen by the art and design team with regard to the business details outlined in your Member Profile. The final deliverable associated with this project is a print-ready Collateral Package containing a brochure, flyer, and business card template.

PDF Design

Typical Hours: 6 – 10

PDFs are versatile and easy to share. The PDF format is perfect for ebooks, white papers, or other lead magnets; catalogs; offering memoranda; printable menus (restaurants shouldn’t use menus in PDF format on their websites; learn why here); and more. If you have content you need designed and saved in PDF format, this is the project for you.

A downloadable PDF is an excellent way to provide your users with premium content in order to educate or entertain them while also positioning yourself as an authority on the topic. Because the information that you are providing is expert knowledge and has value to your audience, this information can also be used to generate leads. To learn how to create a unique lead magnet for your business (and implement it), check out your industry’s marketing strategy.

Visual Branding

Typical Hours: 8 – 12

Your visual branding is meant not only to reflect your products or services, but also to convey your company values, mission, and your specific market niche. Your branding also helps relate your brand to your target audience, often on a personal or emotional level.

We utilize your business details and light industry research to ensure that your branding truly reflects the different aspects of your business.

Advertisement Design

Typical Hours: 5 – 8

The Advertisement Design project is perfect for your print advertising needs. Our experienced design team is equipped to help with ad placement for magazine ads, trade show program advertising, local business ad design, or any other publication advertisement.

If you need help with writing ad copy, our communications team is available on request to develop ad copy according to your specific project needs.

We’ll also work to your vendor specifications and, on request, help facilitate work with print vendors to ensure that your ad comes out as expected and within your print deadlines.

Display Ads Design

Typical Hours: 5 – 7

Search advertising is an extremely effective way to drive targeted traffic to your site, and display ads provide you with an added advantage in your campaigns.

Visual ads in your search campaign are eye-catching and help to build brand awareness more effectively by displaying your branded ads before the ad link is clicked.

Additionally, more people remember what they see over what they hear or read. That makes display advertising the best form of digital advertising for both building brand awareness and generating qualified leads from your campaigns.

Our display ads project includes creation of the 7 most popular Google AdWords ad sizes, which span everything from desktop page banners and side banners, to mobile ad sizes so that you can catch the attention of your audience regardless of how they are browsing.

The ads are created with a focus on conversion and lead generation goals in retargeting, audience interest groups, and geo targeting campaigns.

The deliverable for this project is a set of image files of varying sizes to be used by our team to implement a Digital Advertising Management project.

Visual Branding Modernization

Typical Hours: 6 – 10

The Visual Branding Modernization project is best for businesses that have outdated branding and wish to update their logo, color palettes, fonts, and images for a modern look that more closely represents the business brand.

Some or all of the visual branding elements may be updated, depending on your specific needs.

Your Member Profile is heavily referenced by our design team for your business details and industry research to ensure that your branding truly reflects the different aspects of your business.

Booth Design

Typical Hours: 10 – 15

The purpose of this project is to provide your business with all of the booth graphics that you need to make an impression at your next trade show.

Our design team is experienced with trade show booth design, including signs and banners, trade show booth graphics, table covers, banner stands, monitor stands, and literature displays.

We can also incorporate the design of promotional materials such as literature and flyers, as well as branded marketing handouts such as PopSockets, pens, and industry-specific, themed items.

As a part of this project, our team can also help to make recommendations for high-performance design to really make your business stand out on the trade-show floor. We do all of the visual work so that your team can focus on talking to customers, networking, and building relationships.

The final deliverable for this project varies based on your needs, but our focus is on helping you to stand out with high-end graphic support on the trade show floor as well as to provide files and other deliverables with plenty of time to meet printing vendor deadlines and have items shipped to your location in time for setup.

Direct Mail Campaign Design

Typical Hours: 5 – 8

Direct mail campaigns can be a great way to target individuals and businesses who you feel might benefit from your products or services. Our campaigns are based on mail routes, so a specific list of addresses is not required.

As with other types of targeted marketing campaigns, postcards can be sent out to specific demographics by demographic categories such as age, income, location, or household size.

This is a great way to reach out to people in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to increase brand awareness, offer specials, and get people to visit your brick and mortar store location.

The final deliverable for this project is a professionally designed mailer source file, ready for print and shipping.

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