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Full-Scope Support

3D Strategies

An experienced real estate leader needed help launching his independent consulting firm. He needed to find a marketing partner that could offer a variety of marketing services and a flexible, on-demand team.

3D Strategies also needed to provide branded assets for the clients they served. Often, these deliverables had a short turnaround time.

Email Marketing

Industrial Metal Supply (IMS)

IMS’s email marketing program needed an overhaul. They needed mobile-friendly designs, a strategy to improve performance and support switching email marketing platforms.

At the time, IMS didn’t have team members specializing in HTML email design. Plus, their website didn’t accept online orders, causing a disjointed sales cycle.

Graphic Design


BioPhysics needed help launching five cannabis brands. Cannabis products and patented technology called for a unique marketing strategy and a careful messaging approach since most platforms ban the promotion of products that contain cannabis.

The BioPhysics team needed help getting their products ready to sell to different B2B and B2C audiences, as well as distinguishing each product line while including the parent company on each label.

Social Media

Anve Group

Anve Group struggled to manage a brick-and-mortar store and two e-commerce stores. They decided to focus on their retail store, so they needed to find a marketing partner to manage their digital marketing and advertising program end-to-end and fulfill requests on demand.

The Anve team needed help managing and driving traffic to their new website and social media pages. They also needed help ensuring that all of their products were available online.

Collateral Design

Verve IT

Verve IT’s marketing program lacked strategy and consistency. They needed access to a full-service marketing team. They also needed help taking their digital work out into the community.

The Verve IT team recently rebranded and needed to adjust multiple collateral pieces to align with the new brand image. Plus, they wanted to expand their rebranding efforts further internally.

Launch Strategy


Vinloq needed marketing support to launch their product. They started their website, blog, social media pages, and advertising efforts, but lacked the expertise to effectively launch their marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and connect with consumers.

Vinloq had a pre-launch and launch timeline that changed multiple times. They needed to work with a marketing team that was flexible and quick to respond.

Digital Advertising

Mild 2 Spicy

Mild 2 Spicy’s owners were new to business and marketing. They needed help launching their advertising efforts and maintaining their social media efforts.

During the pandemic, they needed help pivoting all marketing efforts to feature their delivery and curbside services.

After a few years in business, they needed help aligning their branding and design with their transition from authentic Indian cuisine to modern Indian cuisine.

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