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$250 Monthly Membership Details

 5 Hours of Work Included Monthly

Additional Work Billed at $55 Hourly

Our standard membership includes 5 hours for use in the current month. These hours can be used for strategic requests or project execution. Once you exceed the 5 hours included within your membership, additional hours are billed at a flat rate of $55 hourly.

Strategic Guidance

Tap into our team for strategic guidance to keep your marketing program moving in the right direction. Utilize our team’s insight to execute projects on your end or simply assign the execution of the strategy to our team.

Program Guidance (read case studies)

Experienced Team (read our blog)

Project Execution

Assign projects to your new marketing team to handle the ongoing management and execution of your projects. We will keep you in the loop on progress and performance while handling end-to-end execution.

On-Demand Team (meet our team)

All Project Categories (view services)

Our team is happy to help in whatever capacity you wish. 

The volume in which you use our team is entirely dependant on your needs and may be adjusted anytime. Most of our members use between 15 – 25 hours monthly, while some never exceed 5 and others have scaled up to over 80. We recommend starting small and increasing your project volume as your membership progresses. Please enjoy and utilize the flexibility that our membership provides.


Our team is focused entirely on developing the most powerful and affordable marketing service for small businesses. This is not only evident in our low-risk terms, flexible service structure, and affordable rates, but also in the transparency that we provide upfront through our clear and simple pricing structure.


SharedTEAMS is an on-demand structure, allowing members to scale their marketing programs up or down seamlessly and without penalty.


Our online membership platform provides you with direct access to collaborate with your marketing team in real-time as your projects progress.


We designed this low-risk membership structure by streamlining and eliminating the traditional agency overhead to create a uniquely small business focused service.

case study 2

“SharedTEAMS membership is a tremendous value! We now have a full-time marketing team for far less than what we would’ve paid one employee.”

Elsa MacDonald, CTAI



Simple and Direct.

Forget lengthy contracts and long-term commitments.

  • $250 Monthly Membership Fee
  • Complete Team Access
  • Cancel or Pause Anytime
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

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