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Demystify social media marketing and optimize your advertising. We have put together some tips and tricks to help you get started on the right foot.

Social Media Articles - SharedTEAMS
social media marketing agency
Among some industries and business circles, social media is still often seen as an afterthought. Many assume it's just a Read more
Instagram Marketing Practices To Build Your Brand - SharedTEAMS
Since its humble beginnings in 2010 as a space to share your daily meals and overly-edited photos of yourself and Read more
social media marketer
“Should I hire a social media marketer?”  If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely had this thought before. It’s no Read more
social media engagement
Recently, we discussed why a social media content strategy is essential for your business, even if it doesn’t traditionally convert Read more
social media brand voice
Not all social media platforms are created equal, and your brand voice should reflect that adaptability. We know what you Read more
social media content strategy
“What’s the point of having social media if it’s not converting and turning into sales?” As a marketing agency, we’ve Read more
Social Media
How can we make this go viral? As someone who works in social media, you’ve heard that phrase before. From Read more
Social Media
As we step into 2022, social media managers are thinking about their strategies and approaches for monthly and annual content Read more
Marketing Social Media To Gen Z - SharedTEAMS
For the past few years, businesses have shifted social media marketing tactics to accommodate the Millennial generation. They have made Read more
How To Conduct A Social Media Audit - SharedTEAMS
It’s tax season, which means that it’s likely you’ve heard the scary word “audit” floating around. But don’t be alarmed Read more
Social Media
When you think of creating a social media marketing strategy, what platforms do you think of first? Our guess is Read more
Restaurant Social Media
When it comes to taking advantage of the powerful tools social media has to offer, no one has done it Read more
Holiday Party
‘Tis the season for holiday parties, shopping, delicious food, and closing out on those final business goals of the year. Read more
No longer is the hashtag symbol (#) only known as the “pound” symbol. Social media has taken over the symbol Read more
social media
You’ve probably heard that your small business needs to be on social media. But where do you start? There are Read more
social media strategy
Many small businesses know they need to post on social media, so they jump in headfirst without a plan of Read more
social media engagement
If you’ve been in the social media sphere for a while, you may be frustrated by your lower engagement rates. Read more
startup social media lessons
Social media blog Social Media Today reveals 5 social media lessons that startups can learn from how big businesses conduct themselves online. Social Read more
social media marketing for startups
Curious as to how other companies from various industries are tackling social media marketing? A study by Vertical Response has produced Read more
Tips for multi-channel marketing solutions for startups
Multichannel marketing is here. Startups and small businesses can't get away with single-tactic marketing any longer. Gone are the days when Read more
Startup Social Media Strategies
As a startup, when it comes to social media strategies, getting inspiration from the success of others is a great Read more

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