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Marketing Manager

Get To Know Samantha:

Samantha is the Marketing Manager for SharedTEAMS and has been with the company since 2017. She works closely with both the internal teams and members to ensure that projects are well-coordinated and properly aligned with each member’s strategy.

With 8+ years of experience offering strategic guidance for marketing programs and strategies across many industries, she is strategic and innovative with a passion for driving brand awareness and marketing performance. Through her experience and knowledge, she helps businesses grow by refining their customer journeys through the lens of their marketing programs. She oversees the marketing team, including communications, advertising, design, and development. She also provides team support, develops strategic guidance for marketing programs, and assists in developing SharedTEAMs processes and programs.

She focuses on building and refining SharedTEAM’S operations by supporting members’ marketing strategies and goals. Additionally, she supports SharedTEAM’S communications team by providing them with content, guidance, and processes.

Samantha’s resourcefulness and insight allow her to deliver high-quality and profitable solutions to drive sales, build brand awareness, attract and sustain customers, and build reputable reputations.

Samantha’s Skills:

Research 95%
Digital Marketing 90%
Strategic Guidance 85%
Project Management 80%
Building Processes 75%

Samantha’s Hobbies:


Samantha and her husband take advantage of living on 80 acres of land and often go on walks with their trusted pups by their side. When she isn’t working or walking along her property, Samantha spends her free time reading – specifically anything in the young adult fiction, fantasy, and non-fiction genres.

Samantha’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“That there is a perfect balance of flexibility and accountability. Team members are encouraged to do their best but also encouraged to reach out to others for help and support. Knowing that it’s okay to ask for help and that you won’t be judged is an important part of a healthy work life.”

Samantha’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
pop star
Samantha’s Dream Travel Locations Are:

Did You Know?

When she started working at SharedTEAMS, Samantha was working at two in-person jobs. For a short time, she worked at all three jobs. After spending days training other colleagues to take on her former responsibilities when she left, she learned the ropes at SharedTEAMS during evenings. After that, she worked at a food truck for a week to fulfill a prior commitment – all while ramping up at SharedTEAMS.


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