Membership Overview

Get to know the SharedTEAMS System 

We are not your typical marketing agency. Our members have direct access to our team through our custom software that keeps our members updated on projects, reports, and strategy in real-time. 

Sections of the SharedTEAMS System 

Learn about the sections within the SharedTEAMS Online Office.


Secure Login

New members receive individual access details for the  SharedTEAMS Online Office. This secure system holds all details associated with the member experience.

Main Screen

The dashboard is an easy launch point to the four main sections of the SharedTEAMS Online Office: Project Assignment, Project Discussion, Performance Reports, and Strategic Assessments. 

Assign a New Project

Anytime that you have a new project or discussion that you would like to start with your marketing team, simply navigate to the “Assign Project” section and select the appropriate team for the project. 

Adding Project Details

Use the project details page to send us a message letting the team know what you need to accomplish. This may be detailed or very general. Our team will coordinate hour estimates and next steps within 1 business day. 

Project Status Updates

As your projects progress, our team will keep you updated on activity and hours clocked in real-time using the view projects section. This section keeps you updated in real-time regarding project details, and is a direct line to communicate with the team that is developing your project.

Account Updates

Update your details anytime. The account section provides the ability to update billing information, view invoices, view hours clocked, add new contacts to your company, update personal details, and change password. 

Performance Reports

Performance reports compile relevant marketing details about website traffic, advertising metrics, social media stats, and other relevant marketing metrics. This may be launched directly from the home screen.

Strategic Assessments

Strategic assessments are a review of your marketing metrics and programs. This guidance is  designed to keep your marketing programs moving in the right direction and prioritizes marketing projects with a focus on ROI.
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Marketing Profile

At the beginning of each new member relationship, we coordinate all relevant details associated with your business, services, and marketing program into a single reference document. This is used to confirm that we are on the same page and also as a living reference document for our team. 

Questions About the Process or System?

If you are a current member with questions about the system, please submit a ticket at this link. Non-members with questions may submit a questions in our contact form

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