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Learn to take your business to the next level by employing a strategic approach to your marketing campaigns across your various channels.

Strategy Articles - SharedTEAMS
Why Is There a Need to Conduct Market Research? - SharedTEAMS
If you’ve ever been approached by a business leader or stakeholder who requested that you conduct market research, you probably Read more
growth strategies in 2022
2022 isn’t over yet. If you haven’t worked on growing your business yet this year, it’s time to start.  In Read more
market research
Conducting market research, or product research, can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Here we lay out the Read more
What Are Some Examples of Effective Branding Strategies? - SharedTEAMS
When it’s time to create or modernize your business’s branding strategy, you may be wondering, “What makes branding effective?” Looking Read more
data-driven marketing
Modern marketing is data-driven. But what does that mean, what are its benefits, and how do you develop a data-driven Read more
How to Modernize the Traditional B2B Sales Cycle With Digital Marketing - SharedTEAMS
When digital marketing hit the scene with the birth of the internet in the 1990s, many sales teams and business Read more
Agile Marketing
Whether you’ve heard the term “agile” in the workplace before or not, agile marketing can help your business grow efficiently Read more
How to Deal With Demanding Customers - SharedTEAMS
The customer is always right. Right? Immediately, you already know how you feel about this polarizing topic. But follow us Read more
How to Create a Successful Marketing Strategy: The Basics - SharedTEAMS
Creating a marketing strategy for your business may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In Read more
Marketing Plan
Does your marketing department… create an annual plan; fly by the seat of your pants; or create short-term plans? Don’t Read more
10 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Conversion Rate - SharedTEAMS
When you don’t want to increase your ad spend or start new programs, but you need to make more sales, Read more
Business team working at office desk with laptops and financial reports, flat lay
As a business or marketing professional, you probably already have a marketing strategy. That strategy was crafted with sales in Read more
Young woman with face mask working in cafe, holding open sign.
When we launched SharedTEAMS back in 2010, our goal was to solve the challenges that small businesses face when navigating Read more
Concentrated business lady using gadget
The bad news: The current global situation is beyond challenging for most businesses right now. Some businesses are temporarily shutting Read more
marketing calendar elements
As you dive into your marketing programs, you should be able to precisely identify your target customer based on a Read more
Group of colleagues people brainstorming
Prioritize customers, not leads. According to Small Business Trends, “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70 percent. Read more
small town businesses
Take away the character, the heart and the voice that small-town businesses offer to communities and what else are you Read more
Grow Your Small Business Into A Franchise or Chain
Many startup and small business owners agree that franchising is a tried and tested way to grow. But, a lot of Read more
Small Town Business Ideas You Can Start
Knowing your small town is half the battle. If you’re considering opening a small business in your hometown, then you Read more
Productivity Apps For Event Startup Owners
A day in the life of an event startup is never done—everything just carries over in the morning.  Keeping everything Read more
B2B Sales and Marketing
Marketers in the B2C community have been known to focus on forging a strong connection between a brand and the Read more
local startup
There’s nothing like the pride you feel when people adopt your local startup and welcome it into the community. There’s a buzzing Read more
How Local Startups Help The Community
Giving back to the community is an essential part of owning local startups.  Not only does it make the startup more Read more
We get it: completely dedicating all your time and effort to your business can be just as terrifying (or even Read more
small businesses
Small businesses get a bad rap. As an entrepreneur, your main goal is to succeed in business so it’s natural Read more
startup local institution
Many community small businesses aspire to become a local institution. Everyone knows the reason why: being the heart and soul of a Read more

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