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Social Media Manager

Get To Know Kristine:

Kristine is the Social Media Manager for SharedTEAMS. She has been with the company since 2015. In addition to drafting, scheduling, and reviewing social media content, graphics, and strategies, Kristine excels at copywriting in other formats as well, including email marketing, blog articles, and website updates.

Kristine has more than 12 years of experience in professional writing and graphic design. She combines these skills to manage member social media programs as well as to create and deploy omnichannel campaigns.

Highly adept and knowledgeable in social media program strategy and management, Kristine helps businesses in every industry build their online communities and increase social engagement.

Kristine’s Skills:

Social Media Content Development 95%
Social Media Strategy 90%
Graphic Design 85%
Copywriting 80%
Editing 75%

Kristine’s Hobbies:

Pop Culture

Kristine enjoys finding and trying out restaurants and cafés. She loves to eat and discover new foods to add to my list of favorites – yes, she keeps an actual, ever-growing list! Pop culture has always been a huge part of her life, too. From movies to music, TV, video games, comics and other aspects of geek culture, she’s always consuming related media in some form because she enjoys the content and getting to connect with fellow fans around the world.

Kristine’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“My favorite part about working for SharedTEAMS is the team itself! Every step of the way, from the very first day I started, I’ve always felt the full support of an amazing community of specialists and managers. Our team has shown me nothing but patience, kindness and a superhuman willingness to help. There is zero office politics or toxicity here and I’m always so grateful for it.”

Kristine’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
Detective or Pop star
Kristine’s Dream Travel Locations Are:
New Zealand

Did You Know?

Kristine spends a lot of her free time volunteering for an NGO that address public education, rural development, women empowerment, disaster relief and more. She spends a lot of time with disaster relief as hurricanes and natural calamities happen so often in her area. But her favorite advocacy area is public education. Teaching kids to read is so much more challenging than it looks, but it’s very fulfilling.


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