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Social media is so much more than Facebook and Instagram. Your social platforms are the perfect place to network with potential customers, influencers, current customers, other businesses, and former customers, all in one place. This is your place to connect, share, reply, and engage with a vast and growing community in real-time. Your options for engagement are continually shifting and becoming more technologically savvy. There are endless ways to provoke engagement with potential customers.

Our Social Media Approach

We provide management for your business’s top social media pages. We create fresh and engaging content for your followers. This content can target many audience segments and meet them where they are in the buying process. We keep your business involved in the conversation, which demonstrates your know-how, receptivity to questions, and helps to field any concerns. This way, we help you use social media as both a channel to engage prospective clients as well as provide exceptional, proactive customer service.

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Social Media projects

From crafting targeted tweets to YouTube video management and more, a social media manager’s skillset spans a wide array of platforms and media types. Take a deep dive into the types of projects that your new social media team can help you with:

Finally, A Comprehensive Advertising Solution Truly Designed for Small Businesses

Our “shared marketing department” membership provides small businesses with a marketing team that is aligned with their business goals while providing the flexibility, scalability, and agility necessary to support their unique needs.

Direct Team Access

Our highly-transparent structure allows you to collaborate directly with the specialists on our team who are executing each project.

Strategic Guidance

Collaborate with our specialists to administer strategic guidance or feedback in order to keep your marketing campaigns moving in the right direction.

Project Execution

Whether your business needs a complete hands-off marketing solution or intermittent project support, we’re here to help in whatever capacity you need.

Membership starts at just $95 monthly and we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to help ensure a good fit. 

Articles from Your New Social Media Team

Get to know our social media team through analysis of recent industry news, strategic and tactical insights, and other topics related to social media services through the articles below.


With an effective program, your customers will learn about your business, your unique value proposition, and your offerings before finally making a purchase decision.

Kristine Cruz, Social Media Manager


We Are A Shared Marketing Department

Our experienced marketing team will help your business grow with access to our Graphic Design, Communications, Advertising, and Web Development services. We work with your budget, providing you with the tools you need when you need them.

Membership includes a 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee and access to the SharedTEAMS online office, where you can begin assigning projects, developing strategies, and working with your new marketing team.