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Industry: Wine Accessories
Location: Boston, MA


Vinloq needed marketing support to launch their product...

They started their website, blog, social media pages, and advertising efforts, but lacked the expertise to effectively launch their marketing efforts to drive brand awareness and connect with consumers.

Vinloq had a pre-launch and launch timeline that changed multiple times. They needed to work with a marketing team that was flexible and quick to respond.

Case Studies – Vinloq
Case Studies – Vinloq


Vinloq’s small in-house marketing team worked with SharedTEAMS to:

Ensure a smooth pre-launch and launch.

We audited Vinloq’s website and Amazon page to prepare them for pre-launch and launch, enabling them to take pre-orders and orders across all devices.

Case Studies – Vinloq
Case Studies – Vinloq

Connect with Vinloq’s wine-loving audience.

Our team identified keywords and drafted SEO-focused blog content. We used AI tools to optimize each article, which reduced billable hours by 20%.

Convey the best brand image through social media content.

We used product images to curate Vinloq’s social media content. Customizing image size, captions, and hashtags for each platform maximized organic exposure and page growth.

Case Studies – Vinloq
Case Studies – Vinloq

Optimize search and social media ads.

We overhauled their “trial-and-error” approach to advertising by using best practices, which reduced the amount of wasted spend.

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