Team Qualifications

Specialized Marketing Teams Supporting Your Business


Our team is comprised of highly-qualified marketers to ensure your marketing programs run smoothly. These individual team members constitute our teams: Strategy, Advertising, Social Media, Website Design, Communications, and Graphic Design. These teams work together for one purpose: to support your business’s unique marketing needs.


We hire team members based on their specialized skills and experience. Before someone is added to our team, we conduct skills tests for their chosen specialization.

While many people apply to join the SharedTEAMS’ teams, only 5% of applicants pass these skill tests.

These high standards for our team members directly benefit your marketing program. We’ll only provide you with the best services using the best marketing professionals for each project.

experienced specialists

All of our team members have at least 5 years of experience in their specific discipline. Whether a team member is on the Strategy Team, Advertising Team, Social Media Team, Website Design Team, Communications Team, or Graphic Design Team, you can trust that the team members working on your projects have an in-depth background in that area.

We specifically seek out marketing professionals that specialize in one skillset as this provides the best service for your business’s marketing needs.

Above view of female manager in sweater typing on laptop while analyzing papers in office
Startup Business Team Brainstorming on  Meeting Workshop


Every project is a collaborative effort between teams with diverse specialization. Our teams collaborate behind the scenes to streamline your member experience.

For example, our Strategy Team provides guidance for all of our project teams, our Communications Team provides content support in most project types, and our Graphic Design Team finishes a variety of projects.

Together, our teams’ collaborative processes provide you with the best deliverable for each project.


With a SharedTEAMS membership, you have the opportunity to work with all of our marketing teams. In each project, you can trust that the top personnel on our teams will be working on your behalf.

collaborate with our teams

As a SharedTEAMS member, you have the opportunity to collaborate with our teams on your own schedule. As you collaborate with our team, you can expect to communicate with different team members involved in your projects.


Over 95% of all project work is executed directly by U.S.- based employees (not contractors) of SharedTEAMS with highly-vetted contractors used for specialized technical support.

Just like our members, our employees are geographically diverse with team members spread all across the United States.

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Businessman making notes at his office desk.

Ongoing training

Each of our team members conducts thorough training before they begin project work to ensure that that work is efficient and impactful.

Once they begin project work, they continue their training on an ongoing basis to ensure they utilize the current best practices for their discipline.

managed by experts

All project work is directly overseen by team managers who have 10+ years of experience. Managers supervise project work related to their specialization and provide guidance for our team within that discipline.

Our managers continue to work directly on projects, too, to maintain their proficiency within their specialization. This helps our managers maintain a hands-on approach to their unique roles.

Two young analysts or designers looking at laptop display while looking through online information or websites
Collaborating with your new marketing team

Part of what makes our flexible membership structure possible is our commitment to efficient collaboration. Our members collaborate with our team using a process that involves few scheduled meetings while utilizing our custom online collaboration platform. 

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Our team works as a fluid extension of each of our member’s businesses by developing strategies and executing projects in whatever capacity is best for their unique needs.