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Our unique structure provides a full scope of marketing
services on-demand in a flexible and affordable capacity.

Your Personal Marketing Team for $250 Monthly

Let’s face it: traditional marketing agencies and small businesses? They just don’t mix. If you have been in business for some time, you likely already have your own horror stories on the subject. SharedTEAMS is not a traditional marketing agency. We have a low-risk membership structure that provides access to a full team of marketing specialists- your on-demand marketing team. Additionally, we provide quarterly marketing assessments to guide your projects, and comprehensive reporting to track the success of your campaigns.


Over 90% of online business searches start with search engines.

SEO is a complex discipline, if only for its seemingly mysterious and highly transitional nature. Major search engines like Google do not officially publish what affects search rankings and changes that impact rankings occur without warning and often without clear justification. But, it is such a powerful marketing tool that it should not be ignored by any small business.

Search engine optimization for small business is separated into two basic categories. On-site SEO concerns what you can control on your own website, this primarily concerns the types of words used, the structure of the website, and the way elements within the site are labelled. Off-site SEO is how your website interacts with other websites online, this includes which sites are linking to your website, which sites your site links to, and the value of the interactions between these pages. SEO has increasingly become an off-site discipline, making it a somewhat labor intensive process that is affected largely by PR programs, content marketing, and developing relationships with other organizations to create high-value in-bound links.

Our SEO team helps you stay updated with ever-changing SEO practices and zoom towards the top ranking on search engines for optimum visibility

The team is yours for Just $250 Monthly

Membership includes a 14-day risk free money back guarantee and instant access to the SharedTEAMS online office to begin assigning tasks to your new marketing team today. We’re looking forward to working with you.

A Shared Marketing Department for Small Businesses and Startups.

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