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Marketing Challenges


Strategic and Tactical Solutions On-Demand

Chances are you’ve already made an attempt at marketing your modern business. So, you likely understand that it is all but impossible to cover all of the unique skills necessary to run an effective modern marketing program.

At SharedTEAMS, you will be sharing our full-scale marketing team with other modern businesses, which range from modern local service companies to aggressive tech start-ups, and everything in between. They all have one thing in common: their businesses require a full-scale marketing partner while maintaining flexibility, predictability, and affordability.


B2B Consulting Firm Modernizing 

Over the past 24 years, Rebecca and Gerard have run a specialized business consulting firm that focuses on creative team building. Throughout the years, they have built a positive reputation and most clients were acquired by word of mouth. In the past 5 years, business has decreased significantly. As their core clients begin to fade, new companies are entering the market using modern marketing and sales practices. 

They need to build a marketing program from the ground up.


Full Foundation and Ongoing Management 

Gerard takes the lead as the de facto marketing director, working with SharedTEAMS to develop and update company messaging and branding. He also works with our website team to develop a custom website. A digital advertising program is then developed in order to target relevant keywords searched by potential leads. Our communications team then puts a social media and blog program into action to engage the target audience. A media outreach program is also launched to generate interest in industry publications.   

Impact: 76% Increase in Qualified Leads
Total Cost: $2,450 One-Time Foundation + $750 Monthly

case study headshot

“Bravo on an AWESOME service! I love the concept and the execution is spot on. Perfect for our fast-paced start-up phase.”

Thomas Lash, ThinkBIG Software



Mobile App Struggling with User Engagement

Sam recently launched a mobile app to target high-end entertainment consumers. The app concept is a strategic variation on an existing app. The initial reception was very positive. While the app has been successful in generating media attention and has a steady flow of downloads, the engagement within the app is lower than projected. This low engagement not only has had a negative impact on revenue projections and employee morale, but is also impacting the success of investor meetings, and forcing them to question the viability of the business. 

The app needs to increase user engagement. 


Targeted Approach for Direct Impact

Sam is familiar with digital marketing, so he has a clear vision for the approach. He sends the engagement promotion strategy to his new marketing team for a second opinion. The team tosses around ideas before deciding upon an approach. Sam then coordinates with the digital advertising team to set up retargeting campaigns that zero in on users that installed the application. He then connects with his communications team to promote the new incentive through social media and a newsletter sent to the user base. Sam keeps a close eye on reports and metrics, communicating with the team to make modifications on the fly.

Impact: 127% Increase in User Engagement
Total Cost: $1,150 One-Time + $400 Advertising Budget Monthly

headshot of Elsa MacDonald at CTAI

“This is a tremendous value! We now have a complete marketing team for far less than what we would’ve paid for one employee.”

Elsa MacDonald, CTAI



Small Town Bakery Facing Intense Competition

For the past 8 years, Jim has owned and operated a small bakery in Arizona. He uses his bakery to support his growing family. The business has always been steady and predictable. 

Last year, a large bakery chain entered his market, causing his revenue to plummet over 30%. Realizing that he needs to diversify his revenue, he decides to begin offering catering services to the community. The expense of starting a new service during a period of decreased revenue is challenging and taxing on the business.

The bakery needs to generate catering clients.


Effective Strategy with Flexible Execution

Jim connects with his shared marketing team to develop a strategy. He and the team work together to develop and execute a strategy to target prospective catering clients. He coordinates with his design team to update menus and fliers, his website team to add a promotion to the website, and his digital marketing team to set up advertising campaigns. Jim’s budget is limited, so he decides to handle the social media communication and media outreach on his end with strategic guidance and the support provided by his communications team.

Impact: Catering Services Account for 30% of Revenue
Total Cost: $950 One-Time + $300 Advertising Budget Monthly

Headshot of Jay Van Dussen at NeedyMeds

“An excellent value for any small business or non-profit that requires a full-scale program on a budget!”

Jay Van Dussen, Needymeds