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SharedTeams offers a modern, low-risk “Shared Marketing Department” solution to supercharge your growth.

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A Modern Marketing Solution

By featuring SharedTEAMS in your content, you’re providing your audience with a proven alternative to the traditional marketing agency. When you recommend SharedTEAMS, you’re guiding your audience to skilled marketing professionals, saving them money, and earning money for your own business. Everyone wins.

Access to a Full-Scale Marketing Team

Your followers may struggle to afford to hire marketing experts or engage a traditional agency to meet their ever-changing marketing needs. SharedTEAMS offers small and large businesses access to a full-scale marketing team at an affordable price.

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Strategy and Project Execution

Whether your audience needs help with all of their marketing needs or just a few areas, we cover the entire spectrum of marketing solutions. We provide our clients with as little or as much support as they need.

No Commitments

Are your fans commitment-phobes? That’s okay. If they’re new to marketing or entrepreneurship, then we can help get their feet wet. No contracts. No project minimums. They can cancel their membership anytime.

Plus, they can save 25% on their first invoice.

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Earn Commission Quickly

90% of signups occur within 1 week of the new member learning about SharedTEAMS. We have a short sales cycle because we are transparent about our services, pricing, and project estimates, and we take a consultative approach to sales.



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Who Can Become a
SharedTEAMS Affiliate?

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Co-Working Spaces

Share Our Marketing Team Among Your Entrepreneurial Community

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Software Companies

Increase Passive Revenue Through In-App Affiliate Links

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Business Consultants

Guide Your Clients Toward Powerful Marketing Solutions

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Social Influencers

Build your brand through social media while helping modern businesses.

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Content Publishers

Create quality content on topics that matter to modern businesses.

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Website Managers

Add Our Affiliate Link To Increase Passive Revenue and Reader Value

Earn 25% of the initial package purchase for Every New Member Signup

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What is SharedTEAMS?

SharedTEAMS is a digital marketing company that uses a simple monthly membership model to provide small and mid-sized businesses with a full-scale marketing team in an on-demand capacity.

As a coordinated marketing department that is shared between multiple businesses, we provide a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional marketing agencies and using freelancers for marketing services.

We provide full-scale marketing services in nearly every industry across the United States. We offer strategy, social media, advertising, communication, website development, and graphic design services. We primarily serve the following industries: Local Services, B2B, Consumer Services, Restaurants, Product-Based Businesses, and Subscription-Based Businesses.

How much do SharedTEAMS memberships cost?

We offer multiple membership packages to serve a variety of business needs and sizes. View our current membership packages at this link.

How does SharedTEAMS typically have a 1-week sales cycle?

We take a consultative, soft-sales approach to sales. We don’t use aggressive sales tactics. We don’t conduct outbound calls to prospects and bombard them with a ton of emails.

Instead, we take a hands-off approach to sales by providing as many details upfront on our website as possible. By being transparent about our pricing, project estimates, and project approaches, we give prospective members all the information they need to see if SharedTEAMS is a good fit for their marketing needs – without waiting for someone in sales to contact them.

How can I promote SharedTEAMS memberships?

When you join the affiliate program, you will receive a unique affiliate link. This link is also listed in your affiliate profile. Use this link to promote SharedTEAMS memberships by adding it to your website and content across platforms.

In your affiliate account, you can access an asset library. Quickly share any of these assets on your preferred platform; your unique affiliate link is embedded in each asset.

If you prefer to create your own content, use blog articles, social media, and emails to promote SharedTEAMS. Share your story in any of those formats and include your unique link.

If you prefer to vlog or podcast, include your unique link in the video or podcast description.

We are constantly refining our offerings and frequently create new projects based on proven marketing strategies. Use these opportunities to promote SharedTEAMS memberships.

How long is your cookie life?

We currently offer a 120-day cookie life. Since choosing the right marketing partner is kind of a big deal, we want to give your audience ample time to take you up on your recommendation. This means that if they click on your affiliate link and purchase a SharedTEAMS membership package anytime within those 120 days, you will receive a commission.

How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked through your unique affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software, Tapfiliate.

What is the commission payout?

Earn 25% of the package price per referral AKA per new member. There is no cap on how many people can use your link or on how much you can earn.

Do I need to be a SharedTEAMS member to join the Affiliate Program?

No. We encourage you to be familiar with our processes and believe that the most successful affiliates have experienced our membership, but this is not a requirement.


A Shared Marketing Department

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