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Mild 2 Spicy

Industry: Restaurant
Location: Chicago, IL


Mild 2 Spicy's owners were new to business and marketing...

They needed help launching their advertising efforts and maintaining their social media efforts.

During the pandemic, they needed help pivoting all marketing efforts to feature their delivery and curbside services.

After a few years in business, they needed help aligning their branding and design with their transition from authentic Indian cuisine to modern Indian cuisine.

Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy
Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy


Mild 2 Spicy’s owners worked with SharedTEAMS to:

Develop competitive positioning and messaging guidelines.

By kicking off advertising efforts with clear positioning and messaging in place, Mild 2 Spicy was able to connect with its audience quickly in the competitive market.

Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy
Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy

Hyper-target the local audience via social ads.

We quickly optimized ad spend by targeting the right audience and then continually refining it as it grew and changed over time.

Increase online orders and restaurant dining.

Our team launched and optimized search ads based on search intent. We reduced the CPC by 60%.

Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy
Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy

Pivot to promote delivery and curbside services during the pandemic.

Our efficient processes enabled us to respond to industry changes within a day and adjust scheduled efforts in a few days or less.

Overhaul social media design approach.

We reduced the number of billable hours by 20% by customizing pre-made templates based on their brand-new minimalistic branding style and goals.

Case Studies – Mild 2 Spicy

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