Advertising Channels

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

There are many advertising channels for you to consider, but it’s important to narrow in on the platforms that perform the best for restaurants. Overall, social media platforms are going to be great for brand awareness, specifically Facebook and Instagram. Print advertising, such as in local newspapers, can also be effective for increasing your brand awareness. Google and Bing ads are going to be your best option for attracting people who are actively looking for a restaurant to eat at or order from.


Google Ads allows you to show up at the top of the search results page when people are specifically searching for the types of food you serve or for your brand.

Bing is a secondary search engine to utilize for your advertising efforts after setting up your Google Ads campaigns. With over 100 million unique searchers who still use the search engine, utilizing it can benefit your overall advertising strategy.

Facebook & Instagram

Both of these platforms offer robust demographic targeting for your advertising efforts. If you have a specific audience in mind for a campaign, you can target them and let them know about your restaurant. Instagram is ideal for showing locals professional photos of your mouth-watering food and special beverages in ad format.


Print Advertising

Advertising your restaurant in local print publications, including newspapers and magazines, works best in rural communities. This is because members of rural communities often don’t have the same access to computers and consistent internet, even with cell phones. It’s best to see what your local community has access to. If most local residents have internet access, focus your efforts on digital advertising and communications. If you find that your local community has a large group of people without internet access at home, then see if you can implement a print advertising strategy.

Print ads can also work in big cities, too, though it still depends on where your audience reads their news and looks for local business information. If your audience is older and prefers to read the newspaper over checking their phones, then print advertising may benefit you.

Tip: A print advertising campaign, just like digital advertising, requires more than one print ad. If your budget only allows for one print ad or two, it’s not worth it. Using other marketing and advertising avenues, such as a loyalty program, will equal a higher ROI.

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