As a member of SharedTEAMS, you can ask broad marketing questions and make strategic guidance requests at any time in the membership platform. Whether you’re looking for direction on how to start, where to go next, or feedback on what is and isn’t working in your current marketing program, we are dedicated to your success. Our strategy team will work directly with you to provide our general recommendations and ideas for your marketing program.


Our unlimited strategic guidance provides a broad view of our recommendations for your marketing program. This includes individual project recommendations, how these projects will fit together, steps to move forward, and general ideas for improvement. We know that the needs of modern businesses change often, so we focus on providing recommended next steps while showing you where your marketing program is headed.

unlimited guidance
tried and true


We recommend strategic guidance based on your business and industry, as well as what has worked for other businesses in similar situations. Though your business is unique, we will only recommend a tried-and-true approach to help you see a higher ROI. We won’t waste your time recommending the latest trend if it’s not proven to work for your business type and industry, but we can help you harness the potential of a trend if you want to.


When we review your current program, our team curates our recommendations within a few business days. During this process, we do not execute project changes, but instead, we give you time to review our recommendations before making changes to your program. When you confirm the strategic approach you would like to pursue, our team implements those changes in all relevant projects.

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Project Recommendations

What does this look like?

When developing strategic guidance, our team creates recommended projects, which are shown on your membership platform. When you approve a recommended project, it moves to the “active projects” list on your membership platform. This way, you clearly know what projects we recommended and what projects we are currently working on.

If the strategic guidance pertains to active projects, we may not create recommended projects. Instead, once you approve the strategic direction and changes for those active projects, we make those changes directly in those active projects.


Our team provides strategic guidance based on our extensive experience in the industry, but your marketing program is ultimately led by you. If you have any ideas or strategic changes to your program, let us know in the related project or by sending a strategic guidance request, and we’ll make those changes to the project. If you have questions about which direction to go, we’ll offer our recommendations, but feel free to choose a different direction, too.


We typically use a forward-looking approach when developing strategic guidance. When you share your short- and long-term goals with our team, we can integrate them with our recommendations, developing a long-term marketing plan, prioritizing projects based on your goals.


We recognize that your business’s marketing strategy and efforts are closely related to your business’s daily efforts, products, and/or services. We align our strategic recommendations with your business goals, aiming to make your marketing program closely integrated with your business, creating a fluid experience for your audience. This includes paid advertising, email marketing, content marketing, website changes, and more.

Do you want to get a feel for how our team approaches marketing in your industry? Learn more about our industry-specific marketing strategies.

Strategic Guidance vs. Project Work

To help clarify the differences between strategic guidance and project work, we created the following examples.

Each example consists of a request that you might submit to SharedTEAMS, followed by an example of the associated Strategic Guidance included in your membership, as well as an example of the associated hourly project work.

Request: How can I increase brand awareness for my business?

Strategic Guidance

Included in Membership
Our strategy team will develop strategic guidance that includes coordinated PR, SEO, and paid advertising efforts with clear and related calls to action, including the purpose and general approach for each.

Project Work

Hourly Rates
Our communications team researches the best media outlets to target, writes the press releases, and performs keyword research. Our web development team develops a landing page for the campaign. Our design and advertising teams collaborate to create advertising campaigns. Our teams collaborate to ensure the entire campaign works fluidly.

Request: My email marketing program has low open and click-through rates. How can I fix it?

Strategic Guidance

Included in Membership
Our strategy team will develop strategic guidance that includes ways to clean and nurture your old list and grow that list, including email marketing, a lead magnet, and a lead capturing effort, including the purpose and general approach for each.

Project Work

Hourly Rates
Our communications team develops the emails and lead magnet content. Our design team designs the lead magnet content into a shareable form. Our web development team creates a landing page for your website to capture new leads. Our teams collaborate to ensure the entire campaign works fluidly.

Request: I have a business event to attend and need flyers and business cards to pass out.

Strategic Guidance

Included in Membership
Our strategy team would not need to be involved in this request.

Project Work

Hourly Rates
Our communications and design team would collaborate to create the flyers and business cards you need. We write content for, design, and prepare the flyers and business cards for printing. We can even send them to the printer for you and have them mailed to you before the event.

We’re Skilled With Modern Strategy Tools

Our strategy team maintains competency in the most popular modern strategy tools. This holistic approach enables our members to leverage our team for support regardless of the tools their current marketing tech stack.

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Other strategy Team Project Details

Businesses with documented marketing strategies are 313% more likely to report success with their marketing programs.(1) That’s why we provide strategic guidance and strategy-focused projects for our members. Take a deep dive into the types of projects that your new strategy team can help you with:

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Articles from Your New Strategy Team

Get to know our strategy team through analysis of recent industry news, strategic and tactical insights, and other topics related to marketing research and strategy through the articles below.

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We focus on providing actionable and ROI-focused guidance to help ensure that our members are making smart and informed marketing decisions

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