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Our web developers create beautiful, responsive websites where customers can find you on-the-go, at work, or at home.
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Stand Out with
Web Production

Having a well-designed website is an excellent start to building your business. However, great web production is more than just good looks. Your site needs to function well and be organized intuitively for an enjoyable experience regardless of the device your customer is viewing it with. With proper attention to your site structure, marketing funnel, usability, performance, accessibility, and overall functionality, your site becomes a well-oiled lead generation machine.

Our Web Production Approach

All great sites begin with the end-user. Our web production process begins with research on your users, audience, offerings, and competition to ensure that we are creating an experience that is both enjoyable for your customer as well as useful to your business. Our team builds beautiful, responsive sites, but functionality comes first.

Rank with
Search Engine Optimization

Digital advertising is an excellent way to gain traffic quickly, but attracting qualified customers who can find your site without advertising is ideal. Organic search optimization is the process that allows your site to rank naturally over time. An excellent linking strategy, keyword research and implementation, competitive research, networking, and content strategy are a few keys to long-term ranking.

search engine optimization

Our SEO Approach

Search engines use different aspects of your site in order to determine how useful it will be to the end-user. Our team begins with competitive research to develop keyword, content, and linking strategies that will help your site to rank among competing sites and to gain qualified traffic that will generate leads.

Save Time with
Online Directory Management

With the increasing number of online directories, social media platforms, and listing services available, our customers have more ways to reach us than ever! That’s great for business, but it also means that we have the enormous task of keeping our information current across all of these platforms. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

online directory management

Our Online Directory Management Approach

Modern business listings require modern thinking. We use industry-standard tools to distribute your current business information to nearly 80 different online directories! We’ll save you hours valuable time and keep your business current with directories you didn’t even know existed so that customers can find you through whatever channel they prefer.

landing pages

Campaign with
Landing Page Production

Great landing pages are the key to driving your target users through a sales funnel designed specifically for them. Display advertising, social media ads, retargeting campaigns, and even organic search are all meant to drive traffic to the parts of your site that are most meaningful to the user. Landing pages are the entrance to that funnel, and a well-designed landing page can often close the sale.

Our Landing Page Approach

The most important aspect of the user experience as a whole is consistency. Have you ever clicked on an ad and landed on a page that looks nothing like it? This creates a disconnect or distraction that can cost you a customer. Our team takes a holistic approach to your landing pages, ensuring that your customer has a consistent experience throughout, building customer trust and guiding them confidently through the marketing funnel.

website maintenance

Stay Secure with
Website Maintenance

When your site goes down, it can cost you time and money. Malware attacks, viruses, site security, and site performance are all issues that we still need to monitor tediously in order to make sure that our sites are healthy and performing optimally. We offer regular site maintenance to our members to minimize downtime and keep your site healthy.

Our Website Maintenance Approach

We place high-value on uptime and site security for our members. We perform site maintenance on a monthly basis to ensure that the site is performing optimally, connected to services without issue, and free of malware or viruses so that you can continue to conduct business without interruption.

Finally, A Comprehensive Advertising Solution Truly Designed for Small Businesses

Our “shared marketing department” membership provides small businesses with a marketing team that is aligned with their business goals while providing the flexibility, scalability, and agility necessary to support their unique needs.

Direct Team Access

Our highly-transparent structure allows you to collaborate directly with the specialialists on our team who are executing each project.

Strategic Guidance

Collaborate with our specialists to provide the strategic guidance or feedback that you need to keep you marketing campaigns moving in the right direction.

Project Execution

Whether your business needs a complete hands-off marketing solution or sporadic project support, we’re here to help in whatever capacity you assign.

Membership starts at just $250 monthly and we offer a 14-day money back guarantee to help ensure a good fit. 

Articles from Your New Web Development Team

Get to know our web team through analysis of recent industry news, strategic and tactical insights, and other topics related to website development through the articles below.

chris thomas

we pride ourselves in creating user-centric experiences that customers will not only enjoy but engage with.

Christofer Thomas, Production Manager


Membership includes a 14-day risk free money back guarantee and instant access to the SharedTEAMS online office to begin assigning tasks to your new marketing team today. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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