Flexible Membership Solutions

Craft a Tailored Experience for Your Business

Designed for Businesses of All Sizes

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Whether you need to augment your current marketing team or you don’t have any marketing in place at all, SharedTEAMS is your scalable marketing department.

We created three membership packages to help you use our services based on your marketing needs. When your needs change, you can change your membership package, scaling your use of our teams as needed. To learn how businesses like yours use our services and choose a membership package, review our use cases below.

On-Demand Membership Use Cases

$95 Monthly Membership (view details)

Guidance and Specialized Projects

Some of our members manage their marketing program almost entirely in-house and use our team for strategy and specialized work. These businesses collaborate with our team to provide them with high-level strategic guidance, keeping their marketing program moving in the right direction while leveraging specialized members of our team to execute projects that require skills that their in-house team does not possess. 

These businesses choose SharedTEAMS’ On Demand membership package because they maintain the ability to collaborate with our strategy team as much as needed while retaining the ability to assign specialized projects to our team on an as-needed basis paid by the hour. 

“Bravo on an AWESOME service! I love the concept and the execution is spot on. Perfect for our fast-paced start-up phase.”

Thomas Lash, ThinkBIG Software


Support for New Business Launch

Many of our member’s businesses are recently established. These members are often taking a DIY approach to stay within budget. These members value having our team available in an on-call capacity to provide them with guidance or a second opinion on a marketing approach that they are considering pursuing. 

Businesses in this situation choose SharedTEAMS’ On Demand membership package because of the value of having a marketing team in their corner to help validate their approach and provide guidance to help them make smart and informed marketing decisions. 

Small Business Membership Use Cases

$775 Monthly Membership (view details)

Filling Skill Gaps for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have team members who fulfill marketing tasks either full-time or part of their multi-faceted role, but among these team members, there are still skill gaps. To fill these skill gaps, these businesses need a trusted marketing partner who will manage different projects on a recurring basis with little to no support.

Businesses in this situation choose SharedTEAMS’ Small Business membership package because they can trust our teams to complete recurring projects on an ongoing basis with occasional additional project requests.

“This is a tremendous value! We now have a complete marketing team for far less than what we would’ve paid for one employee.”

Elsa MacDonald, CTAI


Scalable Support for Seasonal Businesses

Some businesses experience a natural rhythm with busy months and slow months, including seasonal businesses. These businesses need ongoing support and anticipate additional marketing projects during certain months of the year. To meet these fluctuating but often predictable needs, they require a trustworthy marketing partner that offers scalable and flexible options month-to-month. 

Businesses in this situation choose SharedTEAMS’ Small Business membership package because they can scale their marketing projects based on their changing needs. They like that our teams can manage recurring projects with little support from them and that our team can fulfill new project requests quickly.

Corporate Membership Use Cases

$2,495 Monthly Membership (view details)

Satisfying Full-Scale Marketing Needs

Some small to mid-size businesses choose to outsource their entire marketing program. They require a coordinated, full-scale marketing department to strategize and execute projects in a timely manner. 

Businesses in this situation choose SharedTEAMS’ Corporate membership package because they know that our teams work together to complete all of their marketing projects for a cohesive program. They also trust our strategic guidance for their program while also requesting individual projects as needed.

“An excellent value for any small business or non-profit that requires a full-scale program on a budget!”

Jay Van Dussen, Needymeds


Augmenting Marketing Departments

Some small and mid-size businesses have a marketing team on-staff that manages the strategic direction and execution of their marketing program. These businesses need to augment their team with ongoing support, keeping most strategy decisions in-house while outsourcing recurring projects and time-consuming projects that take away from the team’s core skill set and strategy development.

Businesses in this situation choose SharedTEAMS’ Corporate membership package because they know our teams work fluidly with their marketing department in whatever capacity they need.


Our team works as a fluid extension of each of our member’s businesses by developing strategies and executing projects in whatever capacity is best for their unique needs.