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Building a Remote Marketing Team

Practical Solutions for Marketing Leaders

This white paper provides actionable tips for marketing leaders who are focused on building a remote marketing team from the ground up or transitioning their current marketing team into a remote environment.

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Build a Remote Marketing Team Ebook - SharedTEAMS

In this comprehensive and actionable white paper, you’ll learn how to:

Structure your remote marketing team


Choose who to hire and how to hire them

Stand out as a great employer to job seekers


Solve common remote HR challenges

About SharedTEAMS

Since 2017, SharedTEAMS has supported hundreds of marketing leaders to create, manage, grow, strengthen, and sustain their marketing programs. Over those years, SharedTEAMS has been an all-remote team, having hired, trained, and managed over 100 remote marketing employees.

SharedTEAMS created this white paper to share the best practices that we have learned through trial and error to build and maintain a successful remote marketing department.

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