What Makes Good Evergreen Content?

We hear a lot about the importance and benefits of good evergreen content. Having a mix of both timely and evergreen content on your business’s website is important. It shows, among other things, that your business is experienced and well-versed in your chosen industry, while also still showing that you like to stay on top of changes within your industry, too.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that is perpetually relevant to your readers and prospective clients. Like an evergreen tree retains its color regardless of season, evergreen content is built from topics that are of unending interest to your audience. This is the opposite of timely content, which is used to showcase current events and topics.

Evergreen content can be used to create helpful backlinks to your website and it adds weight and depth to your marketing offerings. It’s also a way to lend transaction-less credibility to your brand: by sharing relevant insights that are always in season, you can boost your reputation as a business that is truly dedicated to helping its clients and customers.

So let’s talk about the top components of good evergreen content.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the biggest components of good evergreen content. Content is King, as they say. And almost 60% of the pages that rank in the top 10 Google search results are 3+ years old. But if your content exists and no one can find it, that’s almost as bad as not having any content at all.

Your evergreen content must be easily discoverable in basic searches. You can optimize SEO by using key words and phrases in your article titles, meta descriptions, image names and descriptions, and more.

SEO content also often is very user-friendly. Shorter, punchier sentences, bulleted lists, and big headers (using your keywords of course) can all increase the likelihood that your content is reaching the largest audience possible.


Evergreen content that has an original angle or topic is content gold. While there will always be room for staples like introduction articles on your industry’s core products or services, how-tos, and top ten lists, the best evergreen content is full of originality.

Content Writing

Relatable Language

Blog articles are like research papers only in that it’s good to do quality research before writing informative content on a topic. The rest is very different – the best evergreen articles are ones that are engaging and easy to read.

Most people head to evergreen content to answer some kind of question or to give guidance on a subject, not to attend a Master’s level thesis presentation. Clear and concise writing is the best way to leverage evergreen content so that it can reach a maximum audience.

Content Organization

Being easy to read also means your content has to be well-organized. Strong section headers and sub-headers, bulleted lists for clarity, these things add layers to your content and more layers means better search engine interpretations. Having a clear structure will also increase your chances of having the content chosen for Google’s featured snippets.

Content Organization

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