SEO Link Building

Project Details

Typical Costs

6 – 8 Hours Monthly

Typical Timeline

Recurring (Monthly Updates)

Project Overview

Once you have an SEO program in place, adding link building to your SEO arsenal is a natural next step.

SEO-focused Link Building is like an outreach program. This project is designed to reach out to publications, bloggers, and influencers on your behalf in an effort to build links on their sites that link back to your website (i.e. backlinks). These links show Google that your quality content is relevant, helping improve your ranking, which helps benefits your SEO.

If you do not already have an SEO program in place, we recommend starting with SEO Enhancement and/or SEO Monitoring to prepare your site for link building.

what to expect

What to Expect

Throughout this project, our Website Team develops a link-building strategy and carries it out. We collaborate with you to determine what assets, keywords, and links to promote, we well as what targets to reach out to. Then we reach out to those targets on your behalf on a recurring basis.

We aim to target those who are likely to link to your website, as well as some high-value targets, such as national news sites and highly influential bloggers.


Link building is ideal for businesses in highly competitive industries but can benefit all businesses that rely on website traffic for their business success.

Having quality assets others can link to is necessary for an effective link-building program. This may include blog articles, reports and data, new products or services, tools, infographics, videos, or other assets. These assets serve as the “hook” to get others to link to your website.

Remember that targets will only create backlinks if they found your assets valuable. It takes a lot of effort to create backlinks (compared to liking or sharing a social media post), so assets need to benefit the targets more than your business.

It’s important that these assets are not lead magnets because requiring information from a visitor would deter them from accessing the asset, which could lead to high bounce rates that would harm SEO.

Please note that it can take several months for an SEO program to show improved ranking and increased backlinks.

project considerations

Additional Considerations

Consider the following as you begin this project. Our team is happy to collaborate with you on the best approach.

  • What assets do you already have that you want to promote in this effort?
  • Do you have any backlink targets in mind?
  • Do you have an email address dedicated to media and similar inquiries? E.g. [email protected]
  • What are your goals for this project? E.g. Increase organic traffic (in an effort to boost sales), increase social shares and build social reputability, establish credibility in your industry, or build relationships in your niche.

Tailored To Your Business and Industry

Every brand is different. We believe that marketing should be highly-tailored for each brand. Since our team works with a wide range of industries that targets a variety of audiences across many markets, samples of our team’s work will convey an approach that is dramatically different from the approach that we would take for your brand.

We work closely with every new member to document their business’ unique visual branding and messaging approach prior to conducting any work.

Click here to learn about our team’s industry-specific strategic approach.

Project Phases

Our team will execute this project in defined phases and we will keep you updated on progress within each phase of development, giving you the ability to provide feedback, direction or collaborate with our team throughout every step of the process.

1) Access Coordination and Strategy

During this initial phase, our team reviews your Member Profile, project details, and your goals for this project. If you don’t have specific goals for this project, we recommend using your industry-specific marketing strategy to develop your goals.

We also request access to your business’s media email account for the purpose of contacting backlink targets on your behalf.

2) Strategic Program Overview

During the next phase, we collaborate with you to develop the strategy for this project, which includes the following pieces:

  • Your overarching goals for link building
  • What assets will be sent to targets that they can link to
  • What types of backlinks we’ll aim for
  • Who we’ll target for backlinks
  • What keywords we’ll work on ranking higher

It’s important that we narrow in on the types of people that will be interested in your assets and business, and therefore are likely to link to your website. At this phase, we keep this broad. We will determine individual targets in phase 3.

As part of this strategy, we will recommend what types of backlinks will benefit your website the most, which may include:

  • Links to your homepage
  • Links to deep pages, such as product or service pages
  • Links containing your brand name
  • Links containing the keywords you’re targeting

At the end of this phase, we present our strategic recommendations to you. We also request access to a business email account to contact targets on your behalf.

3) Recurring Monthly Updates

On a recurring basis, our team begins link-building outreach based on the plan created for this project in Phase 2, which includes identifying individual targets and reaching out to them on a recurring basis. All contact activity is documented.

Throughout the course of this project, we may make adjustments to the link-building strategy based on interactions and requests from targets.

As new assets are developed in other projects, our team will collaborate in the background to determine whether they would be a good fit to incorporate those assets into our efforts. If you develop assets in-house, please share them with us.

We send you updates on a recurring basis, at least monthly, and keep you updated on progress.

Our team may create project recommendations to create assets that will be used within this project.

Our team works as a fluid extension of each of our member’s businesses by developing strategies and executing projects in whatever capacity is best for their unique needs.


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