Team Members


Anthony Querol

As the PPC Specialist at SharedTEAMS, Anthony manages paid advertising campaigns for many of our members and manages the strategies our advertising team uses for all projects. He specializes in PPC, SEM, and social media advertising. He also optimizes landing pages and collaborates with the team to fulfill cross-platform and -discipline efforts.

Anthony has extensive experience with PPC ad campaigns, serving a variety of businesses in many industries for more than six years. He utilizes his B.S. in Combined Economics and Mathematics to provide excellent ROI for our members in their advertising programs. He is Google Ads certified.

Anthony enjoys researching businesses and learning about various industries. He sees businesses largely through the lens of data; his top skill is using data and analytics to propel a campaign forward, make changes, and propose recommendations for the future, helping members meet and exceed their advertising goals.

Favorite Projects:

Tim Alesio

As the Advertising Manager at SharedTEAMS, Tim manages the advertising team as well as many advertising campaigns for our members, including search, display, video, and social media advertising campaigns.

Tim utilizes his B.S. in Psychology to better understand trends in consumer behavior. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop their online presence. He enjoys connecting people with products or services that they are interested in.

Tim manages advertising campaigns from start to finish, and on a recurring basis. He researches the best keywords for each campaign, recommends a budget for each project, and monitors the data to ensure advertising ROI. He is accustomed to working with members from different industries and locations.

Favorite Projects:

Samantha Gould

As the Marketing Manager at SharedTEAMS, Samantha works closely with our members and team to ensure that projects are properly coordinated and strategically sound. She specializes in managing the big picture with a detail-oriented mindset.

She uses her background in communications to share business and customer stories by creating content in multiple formats, collaborating with other team members to create finished, designed pieces. Samantha utilizes her B.A. in Writing on a daily basis, writing and editing content for members and the team.

Having worked at a small-town newspaper, hometown library, and community college prior to joining SharedTEAMS, she has a heart for small businesses in all industries. Samantha prioritizes the customer journey in all of her work, wanting to provide our members and their customers with a great experience through every branded interaction they have with the member’s business. She enjoys helping businesses of all sizes grow through long-term marketing efforts.

Focused on professional and personal development, she enjoys learning about business, leadership, and marketing with a cup of cold brew coffee in hand and a dog at her feet.

Favorite Projects:

Chris Thomas

As the Production Manager at SharedTEAMS, Chris oversees the technical and design aspects of our members’ marketing programs. Well-versed in a variety of marketing techniques and skills, he ensures that pieces of projects work properly by testing and updating the technical aspects.

Chris has specialized in graphic design and web development since 2001. He works on a variety of projects, including website design and development, UI/UX design, responsive design, website marketing, email marketing, and web production.

Chris enjoys problem-solving, being the go-to troubleshooting person for our members and team.

Favorite Projects:

Rebecca Shelby

As the Membership Manager at SharedTEAMS, Rebecca focuses on member relationships, working directly with our members to help them with their marketing programs, answer questions, and provide guidance when requested.

Rebecca has an extensive background in marketing and advertising, specifically in experiential marketing and managing member relationships with social media influencers. She has worked with many brands, including Dr. Pepper, Sun Drop, 7UP, 7-Eleven, Volvo, and Ford. Throughout the past 15 years, she has managed projects for members from larger corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses in various industries. Through this experience, she developed a love for working with small businesses where she is especially able to directly impact each members’ business success.

She is driven by offering innovative and effective ways to reach audiences. She enjoys watching businesses transform and reach their goals. Her goal is to help our members succeed, no matter what their goals are or what industry they are in.

Favorite Projects:

Jesse Roth

As the Content Manager at SharedTEAMS, Jesse manages the content aspects of many of our members’ marketing programs. She devotes most of her time on a variety of communications projects and also works with the design and web development teams to complete cross-discipline projects.

Jesse has spent the majority of her professional life working for small businesses in different industries, including independent publishing, handicrafts, clinical/research laboratory resale, government housing, and B2B training and education. She has experience copywriting for a variety of businesses as well as coordinating marketing campaigns for product-based, e-commerce businesses. She utilizes both of her degrees, B.A. in Writing and B.A. in Business Administration – Marketing, in her daily work, writing and editing a variety of long- and short-form content pieces for businesses of all sizes in all industries.

Jesse is a research-minded writer with a propensity for creativity and ingenuity.
She enjoys helping niche businesses create powerful voices for themselves.

Favorite Projects:

Chris Reed

As the Visual Branding Specialist at SharedTEAMS, Chris develops visual branding pieces for both startups and established businesses seeking a new look. He also works with the communications team to design a variety of pieces, including brochures, ebooks, landing pages, and more.

Chris has experience in coordinating graphic design projects and assets in a team environment. He utilizes his B.A. in Design and Visual Communications daily, creating logos, determining branding assets, and designing content pieces in various formats for print needs and online platforms. He utilizes graphic design as a problem-solving tool, and introduces order and simplicity to complex or unfocused systems.

Chris’s goal is to create branding pieces that help businesses distinguish themselves from the competition.

Favorite Projects:

Darius Daniel

As a Website Design Specialist at SharedTEAMS, Darius builds and designs websites for our members. He collaborates with our communications team to build websites from the ground up or to redesign websites with fresh content.

Having started as a graphic designer, Darius has worked in the design industry for the past 18 years. He continues to use his graphic design skills for a variety of graphic design projects in addition to website projects.

Darius’s specialty is working with small businesses, helping them with their marketing needs. He takes great pride in helping small businesses succeed with a critical marketing foundation: a solid, on-brand website.

Favorite Projects:

Kristine Cruz

As the Campaign Manager at SharedTEAMS, Kristine manages a variety of social media pages for our members, creating and scheduling content, reviewing post analytics, and designing branded post images on a consistent basis. She also collaborates with other communications team members to develop and design websites and web pages.

Kristine utilizes her B.A. in Communications Arts daily as she develops on-brand content for businesses in all industries. She showcases a brand’s identity through written and visual content on a variety of mediums in order to expand its brand presence, particularly online.

Kristine focuses on driving social media engagement to help businesses of all sizes connect with their audience and grow.

Favorite Projects:

Dadrene Cisse

As a website specialist, Dadrene helps our members design and develop websites and funnels that produce a tangible impact on marketing ROI. Part of what makes Dadrene such a valuable member of our team is his deep multi-faceted technical skills, which are leveraged to help increase efficiency in project execution which ultimately results in greater ROI impact for our members.

Dadrene is a graduate of one of the nation’s top graphic design universities, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and has been helping small businesses command a stronger web presence since 2015.

Favorite Projects:

Hannah Gamonez

As our social media manager, Hannah has over six years’ success in creating on-brand marketing copy and content for the digital space. She is our resident expert for providing an exceptional strategic vision and effective execution while maintaining a creative balance for social media programs.

She loves helping small businesses hone in on their brand voice and look and is passionate about storytelling through the written word and visual expression.

If Hannah can help people and companies become more effective in the social media space while enabling them to grow, learn, and form honest connections, she’s a happy camper.

Favorite Projects:

Bob Sagun

Bob has been part of the SharedTEAMS family since 2016 and throughout his tenure, he has helped support the production of hundreds of design and website projects.

As a visual branding designer by trade and a strong background in the visual arts, Bob provides our team with the unique skill set requested to develop powerful visual branding concepts for our members.

Bob also carries the unique talent of being both artistically minded and tech-savvy, which is a powerful combination that helps with website design and other technical design efforts.

Favorite Projects: