Cancellation Confirmed

No Additional Action Is Needed From Your End

No Additional Membership Fees

No additional membership fees will be processed on your account. However, if you have any project hours from this month that exceed what was included in your membership package, those project fees will process on schedule on the first day of next month.

Membership Platform Access

You will maintain access to the SharedTEAMS membership platform through the remainder of this month where you may continue to collaborate with our team. Please note that any additional work conducted by our team this month will be billed in accordance with your current membership package.


Membership Restricted for 1 Year

We do not believe in locking small businesses into long-term contracts or providing a financial penalty for canceling membership.

Instead, to prevent businesses from stopping/starting membership frequently (which creates an operational burden), we have one simple policy that prevents members who cancel from rejoining within the next 12 months.


You Can Still Suspend Your Membership

If you anticipate that you may need to rejoin membership in the next 12 months, we recommend suspending your membership at this link. While your membership is suspended, no charges will be processed on your account.

Our Team is Always Happy to Help

If you would like any assistance determining the best next steps for your business, our team is happy to help point your business in the right direction. You may connect with our membership manager via email or phone at this link.