Membership Platform

Get to Know the SharedTEAMS System

Modern Collaboration for Efficiency and Transparency

Our members collaborate with our team using modern technology that rarely includes real-time meetings. This asynchronous communication structure is designed for busy individuals that value transparency and efficiency, and for those who are comfortable collaborating using without relying on face-to-face or phone meetings.

Direct Team Interaction

This structure places our members in direct contact with the specialists on our team who are actually executing projects, rather than placing an account manager or customer service representative as a middleman.


Our members appreciate the transparency and direct communication style that this promotes, as well as the full archive of project activity that is organically created by this structure.

Transparency and Reporting

We designed our membership platform to provide our members with a transparent view into our team’s activity, keeping them in the loop on the status of projects, hours clocked, next steps, and timelines.


Our members appreciate access to the status of each project, the total hours clocked on each project, a full history of project activity, the easy to understand invoices, and a structure where billing surprises don’t exist.  

Easy Project Assignment

We designed our project assignment process so that our members can quickly access their marketing team for whatever marketing related activities are needed without hassle.


Our members appreciate that this process provides the security of setting hour caps and deadlines combined with the accessibility of a conversational approach to project assignments.  

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Our team collaborates with our members using in-platform communication aided by recorded video presentations and Google’s collaboration suite. Collaborating with our members through these online platforms keeps revisions in-line, easy to review, and easily accessible for collaboration.


Our members prefer to work using our online collaboration platform since this develops a more efficient process while allowing them the opportunity to facilitate SharedTEAMS projects around their own schedules. 

Video Presentations

Our team frequently uses short (typically 3-5 minutes) recorded screen share video presentations to keep our members updated on the project progress. These are typically used to convey complex project details or explain the project process. 


Our members appreciate receiving updates in this format since this allows them to review projects in detail and provide our team with feedback or direction around their own schedule.

Complete Archive of Work

We believe that transparency is essential for a great member experience. Our membership platform serves as a complete archive of all communication and collaboration between our members and our team.


Our members appreciate that this archive gives them the ability to access previous strategic discussions from months prior or view historical reports or recommendations from our team at any time.

Simple and Transparent Billing

One the first day of each month, you will be charged $250 for that month’s membership fee, along with any additional hours (in exceess of the 5 hours included in membership) from the previous month. 
Hour reports and invoices are directly accessible within the platform and payments are processed automatically using the credit card on file.

Do you Have Questions About Membership?

We publish all of our membership details and rates to give our prospective members a transparent view of membership before joining.