Membership Overview

Shared Marketing Department Membership

Getting Started With Your Membership

At the beginning of your membership, please take a moment to document your business in your member profile. your member profile is the core reference for our team on all project activities. Once complete, you may reach out to our strategy team to help identify the best next steps for your marketing program.

Create Your Member Profile

Your member profile conveys the core details associated with your business to our team. This profile should be updated as the details associated with your business evolves.

Request Strategic Guidance

As a member of SharedTEAMS, you have unlimited access to our strategy team to provide your business with program-level guidance to help you make smart marketing decisions over the course of your membership.

Assigning and Approving Projects

Assigning new projects and approving recommended projects is easy.

Create a New Project

You may assign new projects any time. These can be minor requests or large projects. Once a new project has been created, please expect an update from our team to confirm the details before moving forward.

Recommended Project

Throughout the course of your membership, our team will create project recommendations to help your team identify projects that might help you meet your marketing goals. You may view and approve these projects any time.

Collaborating With Your Team

As projects are in development, you may either let our team take the wheel or you can be hands-on.

Real-Time Project Updates

Each project is a direct line to the team that is assigned to your project. Multiple members of our team are involved in each project, including your dedicated marketing strategist.

Video Collaboration

Our team uses a combination of text, video, and phone communication. Over the course of your membership, you will appreciate reviewing detailed video updates whenever your schedule allows.

Transparent Reporting and Billing

All project hours are approved upfront prior to our team beginning any work and hours may be viewed as our team works in real-time.

Manage Billing

Membership fees along with any additional hours from the previous month are billed on the 1st day of each month. You may view project hours in real-time within the system.

View Project Reports

Reports outlining our team’s activity throughout all of your projects may be found in the account section of the membership platform and project hours are also present within each individual project.

Do you Have Questions About Membership?

We publish all of our membership details and rates to give our prospective members a transparent view of membership before joining.