Advertising Channels

Consumer Services Marketing Strategy

There are many advertising channels for you to consider, but it’s important to narrow in on the platforms that perform the best for consumer services businesses. Overall, social media platforms are going to be great for brand awareness. Google and Bing ads are going to be your best option for attracting businesses who are looking to buy services.


Utilizing Google and Bing ads can help put your business in front of customers who are shopping with intent. You’ll be able to easily remarket to any visitor who interacts with your business without asking for their contact information because you’ll be able to place your ad on other relevant websites that they visit.


If your business targets big decision-makers of companies, even outside of a work capacity, then your business may want to utilize LinkedIn because you can advertise specifically based on job titles, company size, industry, skills, and more. Consumer services businesses in the financial industry will likely see good ROI here.


Facebook & Instagram

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads enables you to spread awareness of your brand to virtually everyone in a specific location, if you want, and target people at a very granular level by leveraging Facebook’s robust demographic data of all their users. No other social platform allows you to target with this sort of sophistication.

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