Advertising Channels

B2B Services Marketing Strategy

There are many advertising channels for you to consider, but it’s important to narrow in on the platforms that perform the best for B2B businesses. Overall, social media platforms are going to be great for brand awareness. Google Ads are going to be your best option for attracting businesses who are looking to buy services.


With Google Ads, you’ll be able to target keywords that have high intent. Include these keywords and offer a solution to the user’s problem. No other platform can do this effectively.

For Google Ads, you have the option to choose to use the Search Network or the Display Network. For your B2B business, using the Display Network is going to allow you to zoom in and remarket to those who previously visited your website.


LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B, period. You can target very specific audience groups by job title, industry, company, and more. You’ll be able to initially split test from a hyper-focused approach and then later expand your reach to increase conversions and your ROI.



Facebook is getting better with targeting for B2B. They recently implemented income-level segmentation and they also allow you to target job titles as well.


Twitter can be good for B2B, but it really depends on what type of business you have. This platform should be considered after you’ve explored other channels for B2B marketing. You can use it for promos, to help humanize your business by forming a stronger connection with your audience, and more.

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