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Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Connecting with your audience online and in-person is vital to your business’s success. To reach your prospects online and in-person, you can leverage your happy customers’ experiences through a loyalty program as well as reservation partners and delivery partners.

Delivery Partners

Many restaurants work with third-party delivery partners to expand their reach and increase their revenue. These delivery partners act like business partners in the sense that they allow you to reach customers outside of your restaurant, but they also act like business directories because customers can find your restaurant through them. If you choose to pursue a delivery partnership, consider one of the following:

  • Grubhub
  • Uber Eats
  • Skip The Dishes
  • Seamless
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates

Be sure to optimize and update your listing on your delivery partner’s website, too.

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Reservation Partners

Many restaurants work with third-party reservation partners to streamline their reservation processes. The best reservation partners are:

  • I Know the Chef
  • OpenTable
  • Resy
  • Eveve
  • Yelp Reservations

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs encourage repeat sales. The best loyalty programs are easy to use and monitor rewards for customers. Printed punch cards are a thing of the past. Instead, it’s best to use a loyalty app, SMS texting system, or email system. The key is to go paperless and digital.

Creating an app from scratch is costly and inefficient for small restaurants, including those with one location or only a few franchise locations. For this reason, we recommend using a loyalty program that is already created for you, especially one that is integrated into another app your customers use or another system your business already uses.

Popular foodie apps that offer integrated loyalty programs include:

Tip: Depending on your audience, it may not be ideal to create a loyalty program based on the need for your customers to download an app. Determine what will work best for them, whether it’s an app, email, or texts. However, we highly recommend that you don’t use paper punch cards as those are easily lost and are challenging to manage.

Tip: If you can, integrate your loyalty program with your email marketing program so customers receive an email when they receive a reward.

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