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Product Marketing Strategy

Blog content is the ideal content type for product-based businesses, but before you start publishing articles on your website and third-party websites, you need a strategy. These communications efforts focus on answering your prospects’ questions, which partially serves as a customer service effort.


To develop an effective content strategy, you first need to have refined messaging guidelines, as these are the base of your content strategy. This is because your content strategy should focus on meeting the needs of (and answering questions for) each audience segment. By creating content for customers and prospects at every stage in the buying cycle, you are helping attract leads, convert leads into paying customers, and retain those paying customers. When you know what questions you need to answer and what tutorials your audience segments need, it’s easier to develop a content strategy and calendar. The how is the strategy; the when is the calendar.

Before creating content, develop a list of questions you want to answer for each audience segment. Then create a plan to address each of those questions over the next few months. This is the beginning of your content calendar.

In your content calendar, be sure to include the types of content you’ll create and where you will distribute them. Your two top distribution platforms will be your email marketing program and Pinterest.

Tip: You can also use Instagram in your content distribution efforts by using the #linkinbio hashtag in post content since you cannot add a clickable link to each post. Then, add your latest blog article link as your link in your profile. Or use one of these tools to list multiple links.

Tip: Content should primarily be used to supplement lead nurturing efforts to create a better customer experience and aid in the buying decision. The content itself will also play a strong role in generating relevant traffic via on-page SEO efforts.

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For product-based businesses, blog articles are the best format to share content for your business. However, you don’t necessarily have to just write content. Video content can be used in place of or alongside written blog content on your website.

Armed with your content strategy, you can start developing blog or vlog content that will benefit your audience and improve your lead nurturing efforts. Through your blog content, you will want to address purchase objections and provide helpful guidance for each stage in the customer journey. Provide sneak peeks, product announcements, interviews, how-to information (this is great in video format!), and more.

You can also come up with content ideas on social media and in your email inbox. Monitor your hashtags, comments, DMs, and customer service emails for common questions. Answer those questions personally and then create a blog or video on it, too, to answer future customer questions.

Tip: For every hour you spend writing, editing, and publishing content, spend an equal amount distributing that content via social media, email, and other outlets.

Tip: Create blog titles that answer questions to your audience’s problems.

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