Corporate Membership


50 Hours of Project Work

$2,495 Monthly

Additional Work @ $55 Hourly

Corporate Membership provides growing business teams with unlimited guidance from our marketing strategy team along with a dedicated 50 hours monthly for the execution of project work and no limit on additional work.

Unlimited Strategic Guidance

Tap into our strategy team anytime you need guidance or to help validate your strategy. We’re here to help keep your marketing program moving in the right direction.

Program Guidance (review our strategies)

Proven Approach (read case studies)

50 Project Hours Included

Your first 50 hours of project work each month are included in Corporate Membership. An unlimited number of additional hours are billed at $55 hourly across all teams and project categories.

All Project Types (view project details)

On-Demand Services (meet our teams)

“SharedTEAMS membership is a tremendous value! We now have a full-time marketing team for far less than what we would’ve paid one employee.”

Elsa MacDonald, CTAI

Corporate Membership Next Steps

Connect with our membership success team using the form below with details about your requirements or questions. Our team will connect with you with a detailed response within 1 business day. 

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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Does Your Team Guide our Strategy?

Our Strategy Team is Available By-Request to Help Guide Your Marketing Program.

As a member, you have unlimited access to our strategy team to help guide the direction of your marketing program. 

Click here to review marketing strategies associated with common small business categories. These strategies are a culmination of our team’s experience guiding marketing programs for small businesses since 2010. 

How does Your Team Understand My Business?

We collaborate with you to document the details of your business prior to beginning work.

At the beginning of your membership, our team will collaborate with you to create a profile for your business. This profile serves as a living reference for our team and covers your offerings, positioning, market, audience, branding, and other unique details associated with your business.

How do I Collaborate with the Teams?

Our teams use custom technology to create a powerful, collaborative environment with our Members.

Our online membership platform provides you with direct access for collaboration with our team, which includes assigning projects, viewing project details in real-time, and working directly with our team. Click here to learn about our collaboration methods.

This asynchronous communication structure is designed for busy individuals that value transparency and efficiency, and are comfortable collaborating without relying on face-to-face or phone meetings.  We also value real-time collaboration via phone meetings when appropriate. 

How Much Time Should I Expect to Spend?

We are built to be an effective, hands-off solution.

By fully documenting our members’ businesses and goals upfront in the member profile, we are able to execute projects without day-to-day member input when projects are assigned to our team.

The level of engagement is entirely up to you. Some members prefer to review everything while others take a hands-off approach. Most members spend just a couple of hours per month reviewing projects and collaborating with our team.

What are Typical Project Costs?

Project costs and timelines are all in your control.

Click here to view estimates and timelines associated with commonly assigned projects.

When you assign a new project to our team, you will have the opportunity to include the due date along with the number of hours approved for the project. Before beginning work, our team will collaborate with you to ensure that the allocated hours and timeline are appropriate for the project scope. 

How are Membership Fees Billed?

Corporate Membership With Unlimited Strategic Guidance and 50 Project Hours is $2,495 Monthly. Additional Project Work is Billed at $55 hourly.

Membership fees and additional project hours are processed on the first day of each month via credit or debit card payment.

All project hours are approved upfront and you have access to view project hours reports in real-time, keeping you in the loop on project activity as it happens. 

The initial month of on-demand membership is pro-rated from the date of the new member orientation call.  

Is There a Minimum Membership Term?

Any of our members can cancel membership anytime, for any reason, and without penalty. 

We understand that small businesses often need to shift gears quickly, so we believe that it is important to give our members the option to cancel their SharedTEAMS membership anytime without penalty.

It is also important for our team to have stable relationships with our members. To discourage members from frequently stopping and starting their membership, if you cancel membership you must wait at least six months to restart.

Do I Own The Work and Files?

All work and related files are included in your membership.

Some agencies withhold source files associated with project work. We believe this practice to be dishonest. Our members will always own all of the work produced by our team, including source files and any related documents.

The Collective Experience Of Our Community

As a member of SharedTEAMS, your business benefits from the experience and knowledge that our team gains by working with other small businesses that share similar goals and challenges. Our team is constantly adapting our processes and strategies based on the experiences of our members to better serve the SharedTEAMS community as a whole.