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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find common questions posed by prospective SharedTEAMS members, along with answers in detail below.

We work solely with small businesses that are actively generating revenue. Those that work best with us have established funding or are currently generating revenue between $250k and $5m annually. Businesses that are outside that range either fit best with a DIY marketing solution or a more traditional agency.

Our membership is designed specifically to address these common small business needs:

  • On-demand access to a team that can support your marketing program.
  • Specialized support from a range of marketing specialists across multiple disciplines.
  • High-level strategic direction to keep your marketing programs moving in the right direction.
  • Flexibility to scale programs up or down without penalty.

Project hours are entirely under your control.

At the beginning of each project, you will receive an estimate of timeline and hours. Our team has also standardized project models for common project types, as detailed below.

Website Projects  
Minor Website Update 1 hour
New Website Production 40 hours
Existing Website Optimization 25 hours
Art and Design Projects
Minor Graphic Update 1 hour
Visual Branding Production 7 hours
Brochure Production 5 hours
Collateral Package 20 hours
Communications Projects
Copy Editing 30min per 1k words
Social Media Management 3 hrs/mo per channel
Email Marketing Management 4 hours/mo per edition
Blog Articles Management 2 hours per post
Advertising and PR Projects
Digital Advertising Audit 3 hours per account
Digital Advertising Management 5 hours/mo per account
Media Outreach 8 hours
Strategy Projects
Messaging Strategy 7 hours
Full Marketing Strategy 25 hours
Custom Projects By Request

Most project requests are completed within 3 business days.

Larger project duration depends on size and complexity. At the beginning of each project, a member of our team will provide project expectations and details. Below is a rough guide for typical project turnaround.

 Project Hours Number of Business Days
1 – 3 2
4 – 15 5
15 – 30 10
31 + 15

Our members use a custom system to keep you connected to your marketing team 24/7. We call this system our “Online Office”. This easy-to-use system uses a combination of email, video, and scheduled phone calls to coordinate on projects.

Our Online Office also provides a complete historical record of your interaction with your marketing team, including files, discussions, status updates, and strategic recommendations. This keeps our team and member interaction accountable and transparent.

Our team is here to support your business in whatever capacity you wish. 

Most our team’s hours are comprised of recurring projects such as social media management, media outreach, digital advertising management, content marketing management, and other ongoing projects.

About a quarter of our total hours are comprised of larger projects that exceed 15 hours. These include new website builds, collateral packages, advertising program setup, and presentation decks.

The remaining time is comprised of smaller projects such as minor strategic guidance, graphics updates, website modifications, communications, public relations, research, or whatever our members need assistance with.

5 project hours are included each month with membership. 

Additional projects are billed at $55 hourly in 15 minute increments up to 10 additional. 10 hour blocks of time may also be purchased at $550 monthly.

Billing for these additional hours are processed along with membership dues on the first of each month via recurring credit or debit card payment.

Within our system, you have access to view project hours in real-time. So, you are always in the loop on project activity as it happens. Click here for an overview of our systems.

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