Image Matters In B2B Sales

Marketers in the B2C community have been known to focus on forging a strong connection between a brand and the customers’ self-image. We have global brands that make their fortune on strengthening a customer’s sense of self, but when it comes to B2B sales, the conventional approach is to view selling as a process that’s driven by numbers, profits and costs.

Understanding an individual’s motivations is still extremely important even though they’re just part of a buyer organization. Their needs should also be met before they even consider your solution and decide on the sale.

When there are several people who have to approve a purchase before a deal is made, an individual who champions your company can spell the difference between a successful agreement and a stalled sale. Here are the important motivations that influence a stakeholder in a B2B purchase:

  • Individual Value

    • Will this deal affect how employees perceive themselves? If a supplier deal contributes to their sense of identity by increasing their pride, empowering their community or other benefits, then it places highly on their priorities.
  • Professional Value

    • Will this improve employee productivity? An offering that streamlines workflows or helps them to become more efficient has high professional value.
  • Business Value

    • Will it help customers? This value is determined when a deal helps an organization achieve their goals in business.

Several studies, as well as this article from Knowledge Tree, have shown that the best way to turn a B2B stakeholder into an advocate for you as a supplier is to ensure that aside from providing business and professional value, you should be able to bring individual value as well. This offering should make them feel respected and increase their sense of community. When you succeed in engaging these stakeholders with a strong individual value, you gain an advocate that will make it easier for you to get the approval you require to close a deal.

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