How Startups Help The Community

Giving back to the community is an essential part of owning local startups.  Not only does it make the startup more liable to succeed, it bears the benefits of earning customer loyalty and credibility. Giving back is not always easy. It is a process that involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Here are some ways you can give back without breaking the bank:

  • Talk to people

Talking to people in your community is a good way to help build trust with the locals. When talking to them, make sure to show them that you care. Be genuine and professional. Respond to them politely and join in the local affairs instead of just talking about your startup. Many might overlook the benefits that simply caring about their customers brings, but this is a simple and effective way to return the favor.

  • Set aside an “Employee Volunteering Day”

Organizing a day or two in a year for your employees to volunteer not only aids your local community, it also helps to boost your employees’ camaraderie, efficiency and morale.

  • Collaborate with your chosen local charity

Partnering with your favorite local charity can be worthwhile. You can set up donations by collecting spare change from customers and keeping a coin can in your shop. Another good way to help is to ask customers if they would want to round up their purchase to be able to donate a specific amount.

  • Organize a fundraiser

A good example of raising money for a worthy cause is through organizing a local fun run. Allow locals to have fun and experience a carefree event. Not only does it promote health and fitness, it is also a very visible and successful way of advertising your charitable cause to the community.

  • Engage in friendly competition

Compete with other local startups in a donations race. Whoever raises the most amount of money through their employees and customers wins. Altogether, you’ll be able to donate a large amount to your chosen local charity.

  • Contribute to local institutions and schools

Simply donating money is not the only way to give back. You can help the community by having a volunteer employee or customer clean around the premises of your local institution or school. They could cut the grass, rake the leaves, pick up the trash, and other chores.

  • Sponsor a team

Support your community by sponsoring your local sports team. Help them out by providing their uniform, gear, travel fee or other materials. Having your startup name on their team uniforms will advertise your brand as well!