Turn Your Small Business into an Institution

Many community small businesses aspire to become a local institution. Everyone knows the reason why: being the heart and soul of a community means you have gained the loyalty of your customers, cements the credibility of your business and proves to many generations that yours is a reputable company. But how do you turn your startup into a local institution? Below are some ideas to help you reach this status:

  • Connect with the locals.

A good way to be connected with your small town is to take part in the local community’s events and associations such as town festivals, meetings, street parties and fairs. Better yet, host your own party or event! Meet the people, make connections and build your reputation as a great company who cares for their community.

  • Engage through social media.

Based on a report, 96% of small business owners state that technology is greatly important and effective in business marketing, particularly with the help of social media websites. Using social media as a way to communicate with people is cost effective. Remember: don’t just talk about your business! Be interested in your customer’s lives and make them entertained. Respond to their questions and comments as clearly and as politely as possible. Showing that you are approachable will help you build trust.

  • Plan an event.

Create a sense of community and bring people in your community together by organizing a fun event. Be creative and unique! This will help build your reputation as well.

  • Give back to the community.

There are various ways to help your local community. You could have your employees volunteer their time, donate money or materials and organize a fundraiser. Be generous. Giving back is beneficial to everyone, including you!

  • Tell your story.

Is there a better way to grow trust in your company than to tell the story behind your business? You may come from humble beginnings or have had many setbacks while starting your company. This will serve as an inspiration and a good example to the locals. It will also help you stand out from competitors.

  • Promote your efforts.

So you’ve been doing a lot of activities to help the community? Don’t forget to find ideas to advertise your business while you’re at it. Give credit to your efforts but remember to not overdo it. Avoid putting people off. Instead, attract people in. One such example is to ask your loyal customers to join in on your community events and help spread the word. Another way to do this is to use your newsletter to promote your events as well as your business. Of course, moderation is important!

  • Hard work is key.

Becoming a local institution requires commitment, dedication, hard work and maintenance. Keep establishing a good reputation and repeat these ideas to secure your position in your local community.

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