Productivity Apps For Event Startups

A day in the life of an event startup is never done—everything just carries over in the morning.  Keeping everything in one place and knowing where to look when you need a document are talents that should be constantly refined. But staying organized is always a challenge, no matter how much experience you have as an event or wedding planner.

The more clients and suppliers you have, the more crucial it is to integrate technology into your career. Getting used to new processes could take some time to adjust to, but the efficiency you’ll gain over time is worth it. Pretty soon you won’t be able to imagine a life before these amazing productivity apps and tools!

  1. Trello

A big event can be daunting, but a tool like Trello can make it seem like a breeze. It’s an excellent project management tool that offers a bird’s eye view of your projects by showing “boards” laid out on the page. Think of it as having a limitless whiteboard where you can place cards that you can drag and drop to other boards.

Within those cards, you can place images, labels, checklists, attachments, notes and share these with your team members. Even if you use it by yourself, it’s extremely helpful since you can have a board for tasks like Catering, Location, Lights & Sound and more.

  1. Evernote

If you want one centralized app that helps you remember everything you need, from to-do lists to images of your event startup base, and makes it easy to search for these notes, then you should check out Evernote.  It’s important to stay organized when planning events so you’ll definitely appreciate having notebooks for categories like clients, ideas, receipts, to-do’s and anything else your events planning business needs. You won’t have to go through physical notebooks that run the risk of being lost, changed or destroyed!

  1. Pinterest

Had a lightbulb moment? You’re lucky you have Pinterest’s mobile app. It could be something as simple as a tablecloth pattern or a scribbled design—capture these ideas and pin them to an inspiration board. Running out of inspiration is never a problem as well. Browse your favorite boards and you’ll soon be out of that slump!

  1. Timeful

Managing your time can be a pain and if you’re always wondering where the day went, then Timeful could be the app for you.  Just input the tasks you need to include for the day and as you use it more often, it learns your pattern and syncs it to your calendar. You’ll then receive pop-up suggestions that show you available times of the day where you can finish more tasks.

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