Social Media Lessons Startups Can Learn From Big Business

Social media blog Social Media Today reveals 5 social media lessons that startups can learn from how big businesses conduct themselves online. Social media gives startups reach that was previously next to impossible to obtain, and to make the most of these new opportunities it’s worth learning how the “big guns” plan and execute their campaigns – since the tools available to them are also available to startups.

Develop clear, focused goals

Don’t waste your time by launching a campaign without a good idea what you’re hoping to achieve.

Content is still king

Make sure your social media plan is centered around creating engaging content for your audience to enjoy and interact with.

Study your audience

Get to know what motivates them, so you can target your efforts accordingly.

Don’t get caught up in tactics

Keep your goals and your audience in mind, and let the mechanisms be tools, not the focal point.

Are there any other lessons you have learned from watching big business on social media?

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