Should You Hire A Social Media Marketer?

“Should I hire a social media marketer?” 

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely had this thought before. It’s no secret social media plays an increasingly important role in running a business. However, even now, too many still think of social media as a hoop to jump through rather than an active dialogue with their customers that can be a game-changer for their business. 

Social media once was an optional tool businesses could use as a part of their marketing strategy. But today, it’s a vital and necessary part of any successful business, regardless of the industry they’re part of. Because of this, it’s no longer enough to have random employees on your team post whatever they want whenever they want and call it “good enough” for being active and engaged on social media. 

This shift in the importance of social media for business success and growth is the exact reason it’s better to leave social media management up to the experts and hire a social media marketer to handle your social media needs. You need someone who really gets social media and understands the technology, terminology, and tools that can guide your strategy down the right path. 

But, just in case you’re still on the fence about hiring a social media marketer for your business, we’ve compiled seven reasons why you should consider it. 

The Social Media Landscape Is Constantly Changing 

Every social media platform has different requirements. Beyond that, the algorithms for each platform constantly change, and it can be a challenge for businesses to keep up with the new updates, requirements, and recommendations for each platform. 

A social media marketer is honed in on these constant changes and can keep track of algorithms and new trends within each platform. With that knowledge, adapt your strategy and content based on those trends and changes. That way, your business will never fall behind in the social media landscape and it will continue to stay on-trend and relevant to your audience demographic. 

social media marketerLack Of Strategy Can Hurt Your Business

We’re going to be brutally honest with you for a moment. 

If you think simply posting to social media is enough, you’re very, very, very, wrong. 

Just like any other part of your marketing strategy, social media management should be planned, strategized, and intentional. 

Social media marketers will be able to review your current social media process and provide you with a meaty, in-depth strategy that includes elements such as:

  • Guidance for all platforms
  • Your brand voice breakdown
  • SEO impact of your social media 
  • Metrics for each platform
  • Engagement recommendations
  • Calendar examples
  • and more 

A social media strategy will set you apart from your competition and bring your business more brand awareness, engagement, and growth. 

Businesses need to move away from the random posting approach and get intentional with their social media, starting with a robust and detailed social media strategy.

Consistency Is Key And Required 

As a business owner or marketing manager, your daily tasks can start to take over your weekly or monthly tasks – which we completely understand. So much goes into running a business or managing every aspect of marketing needs. It’s a lot for anyone to try and juggle.  

However, as we mentioned above, gone are the days when posting at random is good enough for businesses. Without a consistent calendar or plan in place, posting to social media will often get pushed to the back burner and forgotten about. What starts out as an “I’ll just post to Facebook tomorrow,” can quickly turn into next week, and then next month, and soon enough, you’ll wake up and realize that your socials have gone completely silent. 

Hiring a social media marketer ensures that the above example never happens. It also allows you to inform your audiences about promotions, new product launches, and so much more, which boosts the chances that your latest marketing effort will be successful.

Content Will Be Intentional and On-Brand

While posting photos or videos is an excellent part of any social media strategy, there always needs to be an intention behind posting content. Having content available to post is one thing, but creating unique, compelling, and on-brand content that your audience will connect with and remember every day is a whole other matter. 

A social media marketer gets that. They can create sharp, intentional content that fits each social media platform requirement – whether it’s Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn – you’ll have daily, weekly, or monthly content created, optimized, and posted based on your business’s unique needs. 

hire social media marketerSocial Media Can Make Or Break Your Businesses’ Reputation

Every message, comment, tag, and review is important to social media marketers. While it may seem like an unnecessary part of running your business, if you’re not aware of and engaged with your audience on social media, you risk ruining your business’s reputation. 

Social media marketers are aware of these engagement opportunities and have processes in place regarding engaging, responding, reporting, and managing social media engagement. As a result, they can mitigate and solve social media issues that otherwise would turn into complete disasters without them. 

When you have a marketer whose sole purpose is social media, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re on top of engagement on a consistent and high-quality level that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish on your own. 

They Engage As Your Brand

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that as long as your business posts on social media, people will like, follow, and share. 

But you may be forgetting that social media is meant to be SOCIAL, which requires a two-way conversation to happen. 

When you only focus on posting to social media, you’re essentially having a one-way conversation with your audience and not allowing them the space to contribute to the conversation. People want to care about brands who care about them, too. This is why engagement is vital. 

The “set it and forget” approach no longer works for businesses, yet so many are still using git as their default strategy. 

A social media marketer can help by including engagement as a big part of the overall strategy and giving your customers the space to hold those crucial conversations and feel heard and cared for by your business.  

Reporting and Tracking Takes Time But Is Important

Business owners or marketing managers may not have time to regularly review metrics for social media. But here’s the problem: those metrics are a key element in having a solid and successful social media marketing strategy. 

A consistent review of social metrics allows a social media marketer to switch objectives, creatives, approach, and content design, as needed, to keep your socials relevant and on-trend. They can turn underperforming ads off, optimize campaigns, adjust verbiage and design, and take real-world feedback from your audience to ensure goals are consistently met. 

Are You Ready to Hire a Social Media Marketer?

Are you starting to see a theme? 

Business owners likely don’t have the time or bandwidth to handle all that is required to have a robust social media marketing strategy. But when they invest in having a social media marketer who understands the intricacies of social media and who is passionate about helping grow the business, it makes all the difference. 

Hiring a social media marketer is in no way an admission that you’re not able to do it yourself or a dig at your intelligence. However, just because you CAN do it by yourself doesn’t mean that you NEED TO.

There is a reason there are many different specializations within the business world – social media is just one of those specializations. By hiring a social media marketer like the ones we have available for you at Shared TEAMS, you can have more time and energy to invest in the areas of your business that you’re the expert in. All while your social media marketer is enabling business growth through a consistent and engaging social media strategy.