The Power of Compelling Graphic Design

The content you create and promote on your business’s website and social media accounts tell a story. But the images and graphic design elements you choose to include define your business as well.

Think about the difference between a flyer or Facebook graphic created with a more “serious” font like Arial or Garamond versus Comic Sans or other “silly” and “playful” fonts. Each graphic element that you use in your designs – from things as important as a business logo to as seemingly insignificant as type font – is projecting a tone, a visual mood, or a feel for your business.

And while your audience may not be able to pinpoint the specific font or graphic element in your latest infographic that makes it look childish rather than fun and casual, you can be sure they will notice that something doesn’t quite feel right about it, either. But why do the style and feel of your graphic elements matter?

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Branding is so much more than just your company logo – though this is one of the most important components of your brand’s graphic presence. Whether you’re creating website landing pages, social media posts, print flyers, email newsletters, or product promotions – all of these things must maintain consistency in look and feel to reinforce your brand’s voice.

Design is also the best way to make your brand memorable – think of the number of brand symbols you recognize on a daily basis.

 Now think about how often you remember those same brand’s slogans. Visuals, especially ones with great design and color elements, will always be more memorable than text.

The Power of Design

The word “design” can describe a single item (like a logo). It can also describe the process or movement within a larger work – like a website, for example.

A design can be a vital piece of visual recognition, it can tell a customer what the company does, what it cares about, and how it presents itself. But the design of a website, or social media feed, can tell you so much more.

Good design can show you how a webpage works, where to find specific information or products, and what to expect as they move through a design piece. Good design can even help customers recognize how your business, product, or service works.

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Design Can Make or Break Brand Trust

There are lots of great examples in pop culture that can showcase how a good design executed incorrectly can become a joke to people (like the “Don’t Dead Open Inside” poster from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” or this shirt) or more serious faux pas that are seen as offensive or disrespectful (like this 2013 Ford Hatchback ad).

That’s why design consideration and creation should be an important step in the branding process, not just an afterthought. If your design elements are consistent across all platforms, it creates a sense of honesty in your offerings and your brand.

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