Why Is Email Marketing Good for Attention?

Why is email marketing good for attention?

We can show you all kinds of statistics that speak to the effectiveness of a well-designed email marketing program:

  • On average, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average return on investment is $42.
  • In 2022, Statista reported that the number of email users worldwide is about 4.3 billion, a number that’s expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. That’s almost a full one billion more users than worldwide social media users.

But all the statistics in the world don’t show you what email marketing can do for your business when it comes to capturing market share and customer loyalty. 

Let’s talk a little bit about email marketing, and why it’s so good at capturing the attention of multiple audiences for your brand.

Successful Email Content Can Boost and Share All Kinds of Content

Emails are content cargo ships.

You can put nearly any kind of content into an email that will capture the attention of your audiences and segments.

Email marketing campaigns can be used to send newsletters and other updates about your industry or business offerings.

They can also be used as vehicles for spreading awareness about new original content, from videos to podcasts, blogs, infographics, ebooks, slide decks, and so much more. And while the same could be said about social media marketing, each platform you work within – Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc – will have a new set of image and video size parameters, and some platforms don’t have certain capabilities.

For example, you can’t add a clickable link to an Instagram post. And the landscape-style videos won’t work as well on TikTok as they do on Facebook or YouTube. Each social media platform has its own limitations, and you must work within them to create content that your target audience wants to engage with.

And when you mix up the media you are sharing on your email campaigns, you can keep your audience interested. They’ll be excited to see a new email in their inbox and to check what new content you’ve shared with them.

email marketing good for attention

Email Content Outperforms Social Media in Terms of Reach

In general, social media is great at engaging your audience. But in terms of reach, email marketing is better at increasing traffic and conversions.

An email list with 500 contacts is much more impactful than a Facebook or Instagram page with 500 followers. And, by the numbers, the more social media followers you have, the smaller your engagement percentages will be, typically.

When you have a growing list of people subscribed to your email campaigns and journeys, engagement and conversions tend to continue steadily increasing.

Personalized Messages Perform Better

Another great asset within your email marketing toolkit is the ability to add personalization to your messages and email campaign strategies.

Email personalization has been a proven and successful practice for email campaigns across industries. Firstly, seeing “Dear Kellan” or “Hey Maria!” is going to pique the interest of your contacts much more than an email that starts with “Dear Valued Customer.”

And the personalization doesn’t stop there. Email marketing tools often allow you to include products and services that are exact matches or complements to items your customer has already purchased or viewed. One great example of this is Amazon’s email strategy. They use customer names as well as their search and purchase history to include new or similar products that increase the chances of another sale.

70% of brands do not use any email personalization – and though those campaigns may still be generating revenue, email personalization is a great way to leverage email marketing to create much higher ROI with minimal effort.

Why Is Email Marketing Good for Attention? - SharedTEAMS

Email Marketing Reaches Audiences in All Stages of the Customer Journey

Email marketing also allows you to gain audience attention by targeting segments of subscribers who may be in different stages of their customer journey.

Are you looking to capture new audiences and engage potential customers? A Welcome Sequence is perfect for this. You can introduce your new prospects to your brand and some of the valuable content you’ve created to show them why they should purchase your products or services.

Did a new or returning customer place an order? Send a Thank You email to let them know you appreciate their business. You can even create email campaigns that acknowledge when a repeat customer buys from your store. You can switch up the messaging to say, “Thanks for continuing to choose [your business] for all your XYZ needs!”

Did a new prospect see your latest promotional deal and load up their online shopping cart, but didn’t purchase? Sending an Abandoned Cart email could garner you a sale. 45% of abandoned cart emails are opened, 21% include clicks, and half of all clicks end in purchases.

Did a subscriber purchase something from you a year ago and you want to re-engage them? Customer Winback emails are a great way to reach out to those subscribers who aren’t truly prospects anymore. These people have previously purchased from you but aren’t considered current customers because it’s been a while since their last purchase.

Gaining audience attention through email marketing can be done in a variety of dynamic and successful ways. Check out our email marketing services below to learn more.

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We offer a few different project types for email marketing:

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