Top 3 Brand Benefits of Original Content

The average person spent 6 hours and 59 minutes consuming content per day in 2020, and that only increased in 2021. Content marketing continues to grow in scope and popularity as more and more businesses pivot to online offerings. This is because content marketing is more effective at showing potential customers what your brand is all about, in engaging and diverse ways. Here are the top 3 brand benefits of original content.

Original Content Increases Brand Awareness

While your brand is an intangible social construct – you can’t take a photo of your brand, though you can take photos of things that represent it – you are still responsible for painting a clear picture of everything your brand is for your customers and prospects.

Including your original content efforts in the same places that other great content producers are being shared (like on Google Search pages and social media platforms) helps increase recognition of your brand and business.

Brand awareness is the familiarity your brand evokes in consumers. There are many brands – think Nike, Pepsi, or Amazon – that have global brand awareness. While your small business may not have billions of dollars to boost awareness, offering original content is a great way to elevate your brand’s awareness and visibility.

Brand Awareness

Original Content Increases Organic Traffic and Improves Conversions

Organic content also presents an opportunity to increase organic traffic through SEO. Recreated or copied content doesn’t rank as high in search engines as original content. There are tens of thousands of search queries processed every second of every day – and if your original content can answer some of the questions people are searching for, you can increase organic traffic and tailor your content to answer a mix of time-sensitive and evergreen topics.

Original content also contributes to higher conversion rates. Clickbait may hook people for a moment, it doesn’t create conversions because there is no inherent trust in the source that is presenting the content.

Original Content Foster Brand Loyalty & Social Engagement

Your brand is unique and authentic, which will win you more trustworthy listeners, followers, readers, and eventually customers. When crafting your original content pieces, incorporating strong calls to action can turn a loyal reader into a customer. When you establish your brand as an authority on a topic, consumers are more willing to give your brand a try, and if they like their experience with you and your offerings, you’ve just leveraged your original content to build your customer base.

And there is no greater purpose of original content than for people to like, comment, and share it. Social media-based opinions and reviews of products and services are changing the lives of small business owners and operators.

Since video is the fastest-growing form of content in terms of popularity, there are tons of reasons why going viral is a good thing, and you can check out this article by Business Insider about how TikTok, a social media platform dedicated to sharing short video content, changed the game for 4 small businesses. While millions of views may not be in the cards for your next video or blog post, social engagement can still take your business to new heights with targeted and consistent effort.

Brand Engagement

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Creating Original Content for Your Brand

Your small business needs content marketing to stay relevant and to increase your chances of success in an increasingly digital world. SharedTEAMS offers communications services that include a variety of content marketing options:

You can’t reap the benefits of good content if you don’t have any. Tell us what you need, and our highly-skilled and specialized teams will help you craft content that keeps your brand honest while increasing your brand’s digital footprint, a great asset for helping potential clients and customers find you.

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