What to Consider Before Hiring PR Representatives For Your Startup

Is your startup ready to share its story with the world? If so, you might be considering whether or not you should hire a PR agency to help you.

PR agencies possess the contacts, skills and experience necessary to make your media campaigns successful. But what are the special considerations when working with PR representatives – be they from an agency, freelance providers, or a shared services provider?

Mashable tackled this question with a piece entitled “4 Things to Know Before Hiring a PR Agency“. Whether you intend to approach a large PR agency, a smaller boutique firm or a shared services communications team like you’ll find at Shared Teams, there are nuggets of must-read wisdom in the article that will prepare you for making the most of your public relations efforts.

In a nutshell, Mashable advises:

  • Placing emphasis on quality of outreach over quantity

  • Taking time to understand who exactly will be staffing your PR team and who your primary contact should be

  • Determining the metrics by which success will be measured

  • Understanding the payment/fee structure before committing

Mashable closes with a word of warning: no PR person can guarantee you media coverage. Working with skilled PR agents can certainly increase your chances of success, but there are many factors beyond any agency’s control that can affect the outcome of a campaign. Depending on the size of the agency you hire, the amount of money you’re likely to pay for your PR efforts might make you feel justified in expecting complete success. Swallow the difficult pill of potentially less-than-completely-successful results now. You must have realistic expectations when working within the highly variable, ever-changing modern media landscape. Developing these realistic expectations will save you some stress later on.

Note that you don’t have to expect failure, either – but if an agency tells you that you’ll have a guaranteed media sensation on your hands, be wary of such claims!

At Shared Teams, we prioritize transparency and honesty with our customers. Learn more about the real-world solutions that we offer here.