Demonstrate Genuine Customer Service

Providing great customer service is all about sincerity. Words alone aren’t enough to show your customers that you care. The actions you and your startup do mean a lot and can spell the difference between a loyal customer and a lost sale. When you have at least 20 different brands that are trying to sell your same products, a lot depends on how people feel about your startup. Exceptional customer service will separate you from the pack and give you that edge you need. Here are some great ways to keep customers satisfied and appreciated:

  • Hand out a free sample now and then.

Who doesn’t love free gifts? A sample every so often goes a long way in building customer satisfaction and loyal. This is also a good way to find out what customers think about new products and services.

  • Follow through on customer concerns.

It’s important to make follow ups on customer feedback forms. Ask them to leave their contact details so you can reach out and reassure them when they have complaints. Let them know you’ll be listening to their suggestions and making a positive change.

  • Reach out to them on social media.

Having an active social media presence is a sure way to build your audience. Make it stronger by showing appreciation to your customers online with a simple tweet or post. This puts the focus on your brand and will attract more followers who prefer companies that care about their customers.

  • Train your staff to put customer happiness first.

Employees that face your customers need to remember that customer satisfaction is their primary goal. Of course, this should only concern reasonable requests! Making your startup known for its friendly and quick service is a top priority.

  • Remember holidays and important events.

Regular clients make up the bulk of your business, so do your best to remind them how important they are to you and your store. Send them a birthday card or even a cake. For larger clients, a personalized gift basket will do wonders.

When the holidays come around, make sure you’re in a jolly mood! Giving out candy on Halloween, little chocolates on Valentine’s Day or even Santa hats at Christmas are great ways to share the holiday spirit with your staff and customers.

  • Thank them personally or send a handwritten note.

The loyalty of your big clients matters a lot to you and your startup. Meet them for coffee sometimes and tell them how much you appreciate their patronage. If meeting them isn’t possible, sending a personal and handwritten note is a great alternative. A simple “thank you” and telling them to have a great day means a lot. You can even send it along with their order!

Eager to learn more ways to show exceptional customer service to your startup customers? Zendesk lists some great examples here!

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