B2B Content Marketing For Startups

We’re all familiar with popular content marketing campaigns that focus on the consumer, but success with B2B content marketing strategies for startups is increasing steadily every day. Content marketing is a great way to get to know your clients more while producing cost-effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Take a look at some actionable steps you can take to implement content marketing strategies in your B2B startup:

Speak to your clients’ business persona

Don’t make the mistake of creating content for a regular consumer. Clients have different buyer personas when they’re at work compared to when they’re relaxing at home. Different approaches in writing styles work better for specific situations so it’s important to recognize the tone that will get your point across.

Focus on continuously refining your content strategy

Creating content for the sake of “putting it out there” can be a waste of time and effort. Know your audience before attempting to post content—find out what time they’re online, which social media platforms they prefer, what topics they like to read and what approach pushes them to engage with a business.

Establish a content calendar

You’ll find that figuring out what to post takes up half of your time when you’re handling a B2B content marketing campaign. Create a month’s worth of content by listing down topics you want to cover. This ensures that you will always have ideas to share with your audience.

Know where to distribute your content

Publishing your content on every known social media platform is very ineffective. Your content may be better received on one platform over the other. Once you determine which ones to focus on, it’s easier to tailor content to those channels. It’s not enough to send out short updates from your social media profiles. You also need to dedicate time to update your company’s blog. When you take the time to guest blog on various sites, you’ll be adding credibility to your position in the industry.

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