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Simplify your approach to content marketing and improve the quality of your leads. Learn more from our Communications team in the articles below.

Communications Articles - SharedTEAMS
why is email marketing good for attention
Why is email marketing good for attention? We can show you all kinds of statistics that speak to the effectiveness Read more
content marketing kpis
There are several schools of thought on measuring content marketing performance. Marketers and leaders are looking for actionable insights into Read more
creating a brand voice
Brand voice is the personality your customers encounter when they are consuming your content. And while you can begin creating Read more
brand voice in marketing
In a digital world where content is king and consistency is key, the importance of voice in your marketing efforts Read more
Evergreen Content
We hear a lot about the importance and benefits of good evergreen content. Having a mix of both timely and Read more
Targeted Content
The average person spent 6 hours and 59 minutes consuming content per day in 2020, and that only increased in Read more
How SEO and Blog Content Work Together to Help Your Business - SharedTEAMS
When someone mentions blog content, many people imagine a savvy writer sitting at his or her keyboard and writing a Read more
Examples and Benefits of Timely Content - SharedTEAMS
We’ve talked previously about how to get the most out of your content marketing, and that includes featuring evergreen and Read more
Digital Marketing
It’s easy to lump the different types of marketing together under one umbrella. Marketing trends are perpetually growing and changing. Read more
Startup Business Team Brainstorming on Meeting Workshop
According to Demand Metric, “Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.” Read more
email marketing
In this blog post, we discuss how to create your email marketing goals, decide what message to share and pick Read more
email marketing
Email is not dead You heard me right. Email is not dead, which means we should take advantage of this Read more
marketing calendar elements
In part one of this series, the importance of creating a comprehensive and dynamic 12-month marketing calendar that's built on Read more
content calendar
A well-crafted marketing calendar allows businesses of any size to launch, monitor, analyze and adjust marketing efforts as campaigns are Read more
Implementing Content Marketing In Your B2B Startup
We’re all familiar with popular content marketing campaigns that focus on the consumer, but success with B2B content marketing strategies Read more
Ace Marketing Efforts with Content Curation For Your Startup
Content curation is an awesome content marketing tool for startups and small businesses alike. It allows you to find and Read more
startup online presence
The time when having a website and social media profiles was considered a luxury is long gone. Having an online Read more
What to Consider Before Hiring PR Representatives For Your Startup
Is your startup ready to share its story with the world? If so, you might be considering whether or not you Read more
startup content marketing
Still not sold on the benefits of content marketing for your startup or small business? You probably should be. It’s Read more
PR Tips for Startups with Novice Spokespeople
Do you want to sound knowledgeable, quotable, and credible when you deal with the media? Make sure you work hard Read more
startup marketing with user generated content
Some of the best content that we are able to share on behalf of our clients is user generated content. Read more
Tips for multi-channel marketing solutions for startups
Multichannel marketing is here. Startups and small businesses can't get away with single-tactic marketing any longer. Gone are the days when Read more
Creating optimum customer engagement is one of the top priorities on every entrepreneur’s list. One fairly simple way to increase Read more
persuasive marketing for startups
What makes one startup more successful than its competition? If you’ve been handling your startup for any amount of time, you must Read more
customer service for startups
Providing great customer service is all about sincerity. Words alone aren’t enough to show your customers that you care. The Read more

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