Digital Marketing Basics for Startups

Digital marketing for local startups brings its own share of challenges and advantages. Thanks to technology and easy communications, getting started on your major goals is just as easy to do wherever you are. Your startup has the same chances of reaching the worldwide market as other companies in larger cities. Reaching out to the rest of the world is now possible without spending a considerable part of your budget.

There’s a reason people talk about having “big city dreams”. The promise of fortune and success seems like something that’s easily attainable as soon as you move to the right city, but the reality is a bit different. Most successful startups exist in small towns. Many bright minds have chosen to set up shop in smaller communities. At SharedTEAMS, we embrace and serve startups of all sizes.

Recognize Opportunities In Your Town

Connecting with the local culture is a great asset to many startups. You will be able to build your company that’s specifically tailored to a culture you prefer and are familiar with. By living in a small town, you can create a business that will connect with the majority of the population and avail of incentives specifically meant to attract companies.

Tips To Use Technology To Erase Location Limits

The luxury of living and working where you want while enjoying a lower cost of living, better tax programs and other financial benefits is one of the many benefits of settling your startup outside the well-known cities. If you’re waiting for the perfect time and perfect place to start your dream business, then you’ll be glad to know that you’re in that exact moment, right there in your small town.

  • Take advantage of Google’s selection of online apps to boost productivity and provide office tools for a fraction of the cost of popular office suite programs.
  • Need a system for individual or group video calls at little to no cost? Many mobile apps on Android or iOS can help you.
  • Sharing documents across team members from around the world is now possible with apps like Dropbox, OneDrive and other services. Collaborating is as easy as signing up for a preferred service for free or a small fee.
  • If you hold a lot of meetings, conference calls are very easy to set-up and some services allow for members of up to 200 people.

Startup Grind has a great article about other must-haves for startup digital marketing that will give real results. Click here to learn how our Shared Marketing Department brings big city digital marketing to local startups.