tim alesio headshot

Tim Alesio

Advertising Manager

Get To Know Tim Alesio:

Tim is the Advertising Manager for SharedTEAMS and has been with the company for two years. He uses his vast experience and 7+ years in audience targeting to lead the strategic direction, setup, and ongoing management of our member’s advertising campaigns.

As an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet advertising industry, he is skilled in search, display, video, and social media advertising. With a background in Psychology, Tim has been able to marry his study of learned behaviors and data analysis with his passion for marketing. As a result, Tim is strategic and innovative in driving brand awareness and product performance through targeted advertising.

Passionate about helping businesses grow and develop their online presence, Tim helps build and manage search engine and social media advertising campaigns to bring success to businesses, no matter their industry.

Tim’s Skills:

Advertising 95%
Google Ads 90%
Social Media Ads 85%
Digital Marketing 80%
Data Analysis & Analytics 75%

Tim’s Hobbies:


Tim loves all things sports. Growing up, he played almost every sport available to him but found his real love in soccer, basketball, and ice hockey. As an adult, he still loves being active and playing sports with family and friends.

Tim’s Favorite Part About Working For SharedTEAMS Is:

“The freedom and flexibility that is built into the SharedTEAMS structure. The structure has a great balance of productivity and calmness, which creates a good work/life balance.”

Tim’s Dream Job As A Kid Was:
Professional Basketball Player
Tim’s Dream Travel Locations Are:

Did You Know?

Tim already has some unique traveling experiences. One of his favorite trips was when he spent two weeks in Brazil. He was able to immerse himself in the culture, explore the beauty of the world, and create fond memories from this experience.


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